Blue Skies and Spanikopita

f all goes to plan, in slightly less than a year we'll be going back to live in the UK.   That's the plan but 'm not sure if Greece has read the plan so we could still be here in ten years or be going home in January depending on what happens on any given day.  This morning I started thinking about what it will be like to go back and I am looking forward to it but I'm also aware that ten years will have passed and we're not going back to our old home or even our old town.  It's going to be another new start in a small town where we know hardly anyone and maybe it's not g...more

Uno, Due, Cha-Cha-Cha!

“Uno, due, cha-cha-cha!” she shouted.  “Sinistra! Destra! Cha-cha-cha!” Hubby and I struggled to keep up. We could hardly see the petite woman at the front of the crowd. Thank goodness she had a microphone.   Too bad we don’t speak Italian.  “Uno, due, girarsi!” I heard through the music. Luckily I saw her hand/arm motion, spinning above her head....more

10/30: Deer and watering cans

Not sure where the promised sunshine went today. I guess it was up there somewhere above all the mist. The ORF will be getting a letter from me about their promises of blue skies though. Did some work today and afterwards took advantage of the comfy couch and fell asleep for a while....more

9/30: First day

Calling Home

Yesterday I spoke on the phone to my neighbour in England.  She's about seventy-years-old and was born in the house immediately next door to mine, which was the original farm house.   In 1930 her family built a new, more modern farmhouse about 500 yards away and that is where she still lives and continues to farm.  When she first married she left the farmhouse for 15 years to take the tenancy of a farm about a mile away but as her parents grew older she and her husband returned to keep the family farm going....more

8/30: New lovely


Couch Surfing (the ride of your life!) from LLYOV

My initial reaction to couch surfing, like many with whom I've since shared the gift, was fear and disbelief: “So you just knock on some strangers door, they let you crash at their house and they don't want anything from you?” It was worth a more comprehensive look....more
Couch surfing is a great way to create connections with the people and places.I am a big fan of ...more

LLYOV (love) from Spain


Cheapo Travel

After reading countless forum threads, comments, and facebook posts about travel budget, I felt compelled to write my own post. Mr and I have been traveling for six months now, on a daily budget of USid="mce_marker"20 together. This doesn’t include our around the world ticket, but does include intercity travel, and some internal flights. This is our average overall, which has seen us through three months in the USA, a week in Canada, two weeks in the UK, three weeks in Italy, one in Denmark, a week in Paris, a few days in Vienna, and now a month in Tbilisi, Georgia....more

A Vegan in Paris

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan. French food is generally famous for being stinky, fatty, meaty, cheesy and glorious, but it doesn't really come to mind when thinking of vegan options.So, what can a vegan, who speaks no French* and can't afford the restaurants, eat in Paris?...more
Oh, they were so good. @sassymonkeymore