Staying with Extended Family at Canyon Motel Has Ups and Downs

It's not easy to find a place to stay for four different families with people ranging in age from toddler to...let's not call them "seniors,"...let's just say "senior discount qualified." And a dog. And you'll be in a smallish college town the weekend of graduation where even overpriced hotel rooms are selling out fast. And you want to be close together...but not too close. And did I mention you needed it to be affordable? Because, let's be honest, we're all on a budget here. ...more

Trans-Canada Road Trip - New Brunswick

TRANS-CANADA ROAD TRIP – NEW BRUNSWICKNew Brunswick is often considered to be a drive though provence for a lot of people heading out to Nova Scotia or PEI. We spent 8 nights crossing the lower coast and then up the boarder with America. We found New brunswick to be a truly amazing place!...more

10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation

Believe or not, it is possible to have an unmagical Disney vacation. Disney is filled with magic, some people completely miss out on it though. Reasons abound as to why the magic is missed, but you can help make your trip more magical. Here are 10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation. ...more

Celebrity Equinox Review: 14 Cool Features

Just came back from a 10-night solo cruise to the Mediterranean on the Celebrity Equinox — and it was great.This ship, which holds about 2,800 passengers, is comfortable and lovely....more

5 Tips for Traveling With Friends

 One of the perks being on this side of 50 is having time to travel with friends. Every year, I try to take at least one trip with just my girlfriends. On occasion, my husband and I will take a trip with another couple.Here are some tips I learned along the way to ensure everyone has fun together AND that you are still friends when the trip is over!...more

This Summer, Pack Your Sunscreen and Your Rabbit's Foot

Some people are made to travel. Some families are made to travel. I’m convinced ours isn’t one of them. Many years ago, when the kids were but toddlers, I didn’t feel that way. Yearly road trips to Florida, our car stuffed with plastic pails and blow-up rafts, the air singed with fast food smells and arguments about which way the fold-out map should be positioned. Happy memories of successful vacations whose only downsides were burned skin and regrets about not staying away longer....more

17 Sarcastic Hacks for the First Time European Traveler

 June 1, 2016 — With the kids grown, the dog dead, and the mortgage whittled down, midlife tourists are off to exotic locations this summer. As an unsophisticated rural dweller, I’ll shares experiences from mistakes made and lessons learned. June 1 is the official start of the Rube Travel season. Middle-aged men pack Sansabelt pants, while their wives buy ridiculous pink travel hats with a chin strap....more

Visiting the Real Life Hogwarts Castle

Yes, it really does exist and you really can visit it! Prepare yourself, I'm about to make all of your Harry Potter dreams come true....more

My Travel Notes...

As I sit on the plane awaiting takeoff for my first vacation in nine years, I can't help but question why I don't travel more often. Everyone needs to hit the refresh button from time to time. Now that I work in the hospitality Industry, vacations should be a requirement at least once a year. If not for not but to explore, size up the competition and decompress from everyday stresses....more

What Will Disney Characters Autograph?

Many times I have mentioned that meeting characters is one of my favorite experiences at Disney World. For years I just met with characters and interacted with them. Then  about a year ago I decided to start getting autographs from the characters. Since the parks are always getting new characters and sometimes retiring others I wanted a way to remember the moment with something other than a picture. Then I got thinking, What Will Disney Characters Autograph?...more