A Staycation In Cambria | Part Three

Today in part three of our staycation in Cambria, I am bringing you along to our visit of Hearst Castle, which is the 250,000 acre estate of William Randolph Hearst who is the man behind the famous publishing company that brings you Good Housekeeping and many others. He spent years designing and redesigning this estate and even died before its ultimate completion....more

Mosquitos Loves Me

Do you want a secret mosquito repellant? It’s Me! Keep me within two-three feet of you and the mosquitos will instinctively swarm to me, my skin emitting invisible pulses like morse code, summoning them to feast. ...more
Ouch. There has to be a solution... but I don't really know what it might be. Though I did read ...more

Wrightsville Beach, NC

We put our toes in the water and ass in the sand at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina last month for the lowest key beach adventure in HISTORY! ...more


Two little girls, with freshly chlorinated hair and bare feet squished into laceless shoes, circled my husband and me on rust speckled pink and blue bicycles as we walked through the wet evening air to watch the full moon rise early over the Wando. ...more
Thank you for reading! Glad it touched a chord.more

A Staycation In Cambria | Part Two

Part two of our journey takes us to our time spent checking out all of the views that the coastline had to offer us while we were staying in Cambria. The cooler temperatures kept the fog lingering and I really enjoyed the mood it brought with it. It was relaxing for me in a way and allowed my mind to slow down to take the whole experience in....more

My Husband and I Travel Differently

My husband has always been happy to stay at a Motel 8. He wasn’t particular about which hotel I picked as long as it was affordable and didn’t have bed bugs. I, on the other hand, while not exactly a Prima Donna, confess to being a touch of the Princess and the Pea. (Or more like the Russian Girl and a Breadcrumb.) ...more

A Staycation In Cambria | Part One

My husband and I are always on the move. It’s one of the qualities that binds us in our relationship because neither one of us can stand still for very long without needing to change things up whether it be an overnight road trip or a weekend getaway....more


I love the beach with kids. On our first attempt driving to Splish Splash earlier this summer, my sister and brother in law took the kids to Oyster Beach. It was towards dusk so we didn’t get to go in the water, but it was still a fun day....more


Did you see the recent NYC to South Africa glitch fare I posted on my Facebook page? If not, it was one of the many flight deals I have posted. Since seeing the ultimate glitch fare aka the NYC to Abu Dhabi for $187 Christmas Day 2014 and NOT taking it, I’ve tried my best to find and purchase when I see them....more

Taking Road Trips with the Kids

Growing up the only road trip my immediate family of four ever went on was to Orlando Florida, from Queens New York. My grandparents had given my parents money to take a vacation to Disney World for my 10th birthday and their 11 year wedding anniversary. My parents loaded up our silver Cutlass Supreme and created a pseudo-bed in the backseat by filling the area where our feet went with pillows. ...more