The Art of Traveling Lightly

[Editor's note: Packed two full suitcases for BlogHer '11? Stop stressing out about luggage fees and start streamlining -- for lighter, greener, freer travel -- with these tips from simple living blogger Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. - Siel]  Five years ago, I was a one of “those travelers.” You know who I’m talking about, the person at the airport who is juggling large bags stuffed to the max and has to shove their giant carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartment....more
I am the queen of the carry on, and sometimes even manage to share one with my husbandmore


"Sparrow On The Ground" Photo by SWJensen I've talked before about having Fibromyalgia and the pain it produces....more

A weekend away to 1000 Island Lake

   read more here....      ...more

Where Is Super Mama When You Need Her?

I don't have to deal with crazy deadlines, ever-changing briefs and tight budgets anymore like I used to when working at an ad agency....more

"Give me lobster rolls or give me death!" A foodie day in Boston

So my trip to Boston started out like any other with the wing stabilizer on my plane shaking harder than a baby rattler in Octo-mom’s house causing me to make multiple, unmemorable promises to God and practice yogic breathing techniques to keep from jumping out of my seat and yelling, “For Christs sake, does anyone else see this?!”...more

A Tot in Tow

  My son's first time on an airplane was August 14, 2009. He was just nine weeks old. ...more

Jamaica: Where you can eat jerk chicken and cyanide!

 OK. So, I may have strayed a bit from my foodie rules when I went to Jamaica for my honeymoon.Actually, I pretty much broke all the rules. ...more

Beaufort, SC

Each and every one of us has, in that secret place in memory that we save for our "Rainy Day", a perfect day in which we immerse ourselves in when the times get tough.   Today is my day...   ...more

The One Where I Wee Myself at a Wedding

DorkyDad and I are just back from a wonderful weekend in Galway, celebrating the wedding of two very good friends. DorkyGranny was kind enough to babysit, so it was just the two of us (and 100 other guests, obviously!). Other than the wedding itself, which I don't think I can write about yet without being too gushy, here are a few of the noteworthy moments.No DorkySon!...more