Vegan in Scotland

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan. Sheese and Tartex and Nairn's Oat Cakes When I booked the Scotland stop into our trip, I imagined a whole two weeks of pigging out on Sheese, trying every flavour, sheese pizza, sheese on toast, sheese on everything!...more
Glad to hear it! I wish I had smuggled some of those pies back with me...more

This journey

Being on holiday this week I relished in my nothing to do-ness and set out yesterday morning with no goal other than to be outside. First thing, I grabbed a book and headed to a café for my coffee, a treat I don’t often indulge in. Lately, Collin and I have been adventuring closer to home with rental bikes.  (3 Euros a day including lights, locks, baskets, and helmets!) The trail system is unbelievable.  On our adventures we stumbled across other trail systems, trails leading into the hills!...more

Australia's Big Things

Where other countries have statues, Australia has "big things." And we love them. I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am. But I have never seen, or heard of, a "big thing" in any other country. ...more
That's a very big potato!more

Day 2

1 week away!!!

1 week away!!! We are less than a week away from the Rock'n'Roll Savannah!! While I was originally going to run the marathon and have had to change to the half, I am still super excited about it. I've been to Savannah once before and it was awesome so I thought it'd be fun to talk about all the cool things we did while I was there....more

When India Meets France

Southern Literary Trail App

During the summer I had the honor of helping on a Deep South Magazine project; the Southern Literary Trail app, available on iTunes via Sutro Media. I wasn't the only one who helped, it was a group effort from the interns and contributors of Deep South Magazine with our illustrious leader Erin Z. Bass at the helm. In 2010, Erin Z. Bass founded Deep South Magazine, an online publication that connects...more
This is fascinating. I must check this app OUT. NOW. (And then figure out how to get to the ...more

Boomers Abroad

From 1946-1964, 4,000,000 babies were born, thus constituting the largest and, therefore, most powerful generation of this century: Baby Boomers.  Now in our 50s and 60s and looking at the remainder of our lives, I find that the majority of us boomers are asking the question, "Is it enough?"  Did we accomplish our goals or enjoy all that we set out to experience before we wil...more
I love it! This is exactly why I started my business, Celtic Heart Tours, to take small groups ...more

My Sea of Content

Bonjour tout le monde! This weekend Collin and I went on another field trip! We headed south for 5 hours via train stopping in Nice and went straight to the beach. The temperature was cool, but the water was warm and the air salty. Early the next morning we set out for Monaco to witness the changing of the guards. We toured the palace where Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III lived. Next we headed to Cannes where we watched the sun set and Collin swam in the Mediterranean. I did a few cartwheels in the sand. The following day was spent entirely on the beach in Nice....more

Music Enhances Movement, Motivation While Living/Traveling Abroad ...more