Health Friendly Flagstaff

After walking over the Grand Canyon with nothing but glass between us and the canyon below, we headed off to Flagstaff, Arizona. We stayed here for a few nights and I loved the health friendly vibe....more

Feminism &... the cheetah?

Basically I've been working my tail off in the pursuit of conservation photography for the cheetah.  I realized through networking and starting the project that the movement seems to be run by women....more


Or alternately, "In Which My Post is Delayed By Absolutely Nothing". "Belated" just seemed so much more concise. ...more

Galapagos Part 1 Beginning Stages of Planning

Though I just returned from French Polynesia my head is already spinning on where I want to go for our next adventure. Hmmm for some reason I am just not ready to go to Europe yet, I love adventure I love animals and I love Culture and the beautiful blue ocean, later on in life when my body cant handle the adventure and third world countries I will travel overseas to Europe and eat, drink walk and look at stones but for right now I need to live and use my body while it can take harsh and wild environments and strange foods....more

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Family Vacations

In case you have forgotten, Washington D.C. is a great place to visit. Free museums that offer much variety, zoos, history, and government. There is so much to do. however, not so much a place for toddlers. We left our baby with the in-laws but they had a blast spending quality time with her. Another fun area is Charlotte, NC. Lots of things to do with Nascar, whitewater rafting, amusement parks, shopping, and boating. Look no further than the country you are in for variety and fun. ...more

Blog post: So This Weekend

 IE, tomorrow ...more

Times are a changing

When I first arrived in the Caribbean for my business trip, about a month ago, I thought my cell phone automatically adjusted to the local time.  However, as I started to answer emails on my Blackberry, I wasn't so sure.  I couldn't quite decide if my phone displayed the local time, or my home town's time.  Since I had nowhere to go, until early the next day, I wasn't too concerned. Later in the evening, I was able to find a location where I could access the internet wirelessly.  The computer I was using displayed a time, however, like earlier, I wasn't sure what...more

Next time maybe you should try Ebay instead! more

Palm Springs Easters With Elvis

Elvis has always been with our family. While courting my husband Seymour, I re-routed romantic cross-country road trips through Memphis so we could visit Graceland, then Tupelo so we could visit The King's birthplace. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Las Vegas -- me in a red Marilyn Monroe dress, Seymour in a medicine shirt -- renewing our vows with Elvis as the officiant. Our tween daughter spent years insisting to anyone who would listen that Elvis was alive, since when she was five she saw The King in all his gold lamé splendor, holding up a sign to promote a local gas station -- and nothing could convince her he was gone, not even her dad's stories of how his August 17th seventh birthday was derailed by Elvis's August 16th death. Elvis is part of our family soundtrack....more

That would be so extremely awesome!

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Impromptu NYC Trip?