Wandering Still? What It Means To Me

My PastSmall town Iowa girls don't often take far trips from home.  From birth to age 17 the longest trip I had taken was a three-hour road trip to my uncle's house in Weeping Water, Nebraska.  Then my mom blew everything out of the water.  Attempting to get me away from an abusive high-school boyfriend, she loaded me on a plane and sent me 8 flight hours away to the European continent. ...more

Resolve to Travel This Year

It’s a new year and you’ve most likely set some goals. Maybe some professional ones, maybe some personal ones and for a lot of folks, travel may be on that list.  How long has it been since you’ve headed out for some adventure? Do you watch the travel channel longingly, saying “I’d like to go there, someday.” Well, pick that some day to be this year! There is no better time like the present so get planning and saving so you can check that off your list!...more

Hello 2011! Will You Make It This Time?

Have you welcomed in the new year yet? Or are you in the Rut of Busy? Myself? I haven’t even begun the journey of planning for the new year yet. It’s like planning a road trip from here to that magical land we call Contentment. Maybe you call it Bliss, or Fulfillment. But come December 31st, 2011, will you be there? If you’re like me (normal, that is) you will say yes. We always say yes. I disappoint myself, though, by not being able to stay on that path. But then again, I don’t have a path. Not a planned path anyways....more

Live from Alaska: Frozen pipes, bachelors on credit and suggestive pizza

Scenes from my recent trip to the Talkeetna Bachelors Auction and Wilderness Woman Competition: Some friends and I arrived late Friday afternoon, driving directly into a blizzard. But after watching the Parade of Lights we knew we’d be able to get back out of town on Sunday: Among the vehicles in the parade were eight snowplows....more

The Best & Worst of Italy 2010

Following is my serendipitous selection of the Good-Buono, the Bad & the Ugly-Brutto of Life in Italy 2010.  Feel free to add your own. milano buono      Milan’s train station grows up – and starts adding slick services & fancy stores for passengers....more

A Perfect Day in Tuscany

A Perfect Day in Tuscany Every now and then, I experience a ...more

Where in the world is denverlori?

Gallery link below! Welcome to my first photo field trip of the 2011! I’m not really planning to make anyone guess where I went, but that would be fun -- maybe next time!  The Colorado State Capital in Denver, Colorado has long been a place I've wanted to visit with my camera. It is a gorgeous building with beautiful brass details on the many arched staircases....more

How My Illinois Christmas Began

My Illinois Christmas started with being greeted with this sight at the airport:and this sight at my parents' house... ...more

I'm originally from Charleston and much of my family still lives there. I also lived in Anderson ...more

Ex-plore in the New Year

Wondering what to do in the New Year? Most of us want to try something different and we have high expectations of the changes we'll make....more

I've Never Blogged Before...

They Call Me Jordash Because I Dash Fast...more