...And then we decided to fly to Oman

So I've been in a I'm-craving-McDonald's-Chicken-McNuggets-even-though-eating-my-dog's-food-is-probably-healthier phase recently. This has nothing to do with flying to Oman as the blog title suggests.  I just thought you should know. Our GPS has all the maps of the middle east loaded onto it as well as the locations of all McDonald's from here to Afghanistan.  This is why I love GPS's, they make Chicken mMcNugget acquisition so easy.  More on this later.         I like plans.  I like predictability....more

Sorolla: The Spanish Painter of Light and Color

A century ago, the New York Times dubbed Joaquin Sorolla “the Spanish painter of sunlight and color.” The year was 1909. The occasion was his New York exhibition. In a much later article about Sorolla written in 2012, the New York Times noted that during that turn-of-the-century exhibition over 169,000 art lovers ventured out in cold, icy February weather and endured long lines to see his work. ...more

It's ALL in the Family! Multi-Generational Travel - the Hottest New Trend!

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” – Francis Bacon...more

Postcard Pic: Madrid

In the United States, we refer to reddish-orange, clay roof coverings as “Spanish tiles.” In Spain, they’re simply tejas.In this postcard picture, a storm gathers on the outskirts of Madrid, creating a cloudy backdrop for the gray dome of a church jutting up above the roofs blanketed with Spanish tiles....more

El Labriego: Damm Beer and Tasty Tapas

Madrid has world-class museums such as The Prado and Reina Sofia. It has the interesting architecture of the Gran Via. It has the Plaza Mayor, a preserved medieval grand square that stands as a testament to the reign of the Hapsburgs.But it also has tasty tapas. And a visit to Spain’s capital would not be complete without exploring the city through food....more

Caring Is Not Only Sharing...

What and where shall we take dinner tonight? That is the normal question of the day when my kids are home again... I didn't take leave today so I am really tired by the time I reached home... But it is good to "pamper" myself by taking them out for dinner.. and someone suggested that she wanted to take "crispy fried butter fish" and I know exactly where that place is......more

The Sandoval's Do Santa Fe

I've had an interesting month so far! We spent a week in Albuquerque the second week of January. It's cold in the desert in the winter, especially at night time. But not as cold as Wisconsin is. During the day 40 feels like 50, it warms up so nicely. ...more
@KarenLynnn Hey! you never know! Mom might be a good leader for the Conga Line....more

Madrid’s Hotel Atlántico: European romance and charm on the Gran Vía

To read more on my thoughts on whether to stay at the Eurostars Tower or the Hotel Atlantico in ...more

Grope Away!

Yesterday I mentioned I was heading to Sedona,Arizona.  It is where I spend most of the winter.  Sedona is my haven. When you add it all up I live there about 7 months out of the year BUT not all in one big chunk. Nope, we go back and forth  between Ohio and Sedona several times a year.  Which means a ton of flying. I am not sure how often you fly? But, there is something I really dread about flying. It sends shivers through my body. I wish it could be avoided....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Oh, I am so sorry to hear the scanner stops you, I think you can deny it but ...more