9 Good Tips On How Travel Can Help You Reinvent Yourself

Countless people take trips for business activities or just for enjoyment to see new parts of the planet. Travel has indeed become a fundamental part of every individual who aspires to learn adventure and experience new places. While some people travel regularly and others often, most people all over the world travel sometimes. Travelling is one of the best ways to reinvent yourself and therefore, if you rarely travel, here are some key benefits of traveling regularly especially to new settings....more

I Pee Anywhere

It’s arguably easier for a man to urinate whenever the need arises than a woman. ...more

8 Things to Do before Your Family’s Great International Trip

You’ve picked the location, packed your bags, and made your travel itinerary. You’re all set for the grand trip!Planning an out of country vacation can be fun and stressful at the same time. Aside from choosing the destination and lodging, you have to plan for the activities during the trip. Not mentioning all the important things you have to bring – you don’t want to fly halfway to Europe and then realize you forgot little DJ’s backpack....more

Chaos Before Vacation

Somehow whenever I plan a vacation, life makes me work extra hard the week before I go to really earn it. (As if writing every day for 182 days doesn’t earn me some mental detachment on the sand of a beach on an island in the middle of the Pacific). We’ve planned this trip for 10 months or 9 years, however, you want to look at it. ...more

Vacations With Kids

Sitting on the beach one morning I observed the big group of people gathered next to our family. A circle of sand chairs surrounded half a dozen coolers with shade provided by umbrellas dotted the scene. Adults and children intermingled, making sand castles, building a retaining wall to hold back the impending rising tide and occasionally braving the frigid water to take a dip or ride the waves. A grandpa ambled through the bunch photographing smiling moms and laughing children covered in sand....more

Airbnb Basics: Know Before You Book

When I first started traveling, Airbnb was my immediate go-to. I forwent traditional hotels in favor of cheaper and less fussy accommodations. I still do today. I mean, why would you spend ridiculous amounts of money for less than special hotel rooms? It doesn’t make sense to me....more

What My Toddler Taught Me About Making Friends

"Sing the friends song, mommy," my two-year-old son insists.  I rock with him on my lap and repeat the lines I learned as a little girl in Girl Scouts: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold. I’ve been repeating it to him since we moved out of the only home he’s ever known and the place where all of his “friends” reside. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more

A Chicken Roll That Won't Let You Forget

“Isn’t it to die for?” My friend gushed breathlessly between bites of Kati Roll....more


Though I don’t talk about it much, I am plus-sized or as the Disney community likes to say “Pooh-sized”. I also love going to Disney. I have lost 24 pounds since the beginning of the year and I am training to do my first Walt Disney World Princess 10K in 2017. Fact is, I have a lot more weight to lose and because of my medical conditions, it takes forever to lose weight....more