Why Raising Triplet Toddlers Can Feel Impossible (But Still Totally Worth It)

Toddlers are fun. They can walk, they can talk and they even have little personalities, but they’re difficult too. They don’t do much listening, they want things done their way and they’re fairly strong to top it off!...more
Anyone else ever feel the same way???more

The Real Scoop on Parenting Multiples

Parenting multiples isn't just about doing things in duplicate (or triplicate or quadruplicate!); it requires a lot of creativity and quick thinking on your feet as you navigate the logistics of feeding multiple babies at the same time, getting them on the same schedule, and making sure they sleep in unison. From thoughts on prematurity to which items you'll need to purchase more than one of, this crib sheet on parenting multiples will help you get your bearings if you're carrying twins, triplets, or more. ...more
Excellent post. EVERY TIME I was pregnant and 6 weeks larger than I should be, my doctor thought ...more

How to Get Through Those First Few Months with Multiples

Motherhood alone offers its share of challenges, joys, and freak-out moments. However, when motherhood throws a curve ball of multiples, “normal” gets thrown out the window. Jen Murray(QuatroMama) understands the overwhelming excitement and overload that goes with parenting multiples. She has survived 5 years of quadruplets and is thrilled to offer real-life advice that she’s gained along the journey. Consider this your cheat sheet on surviving multiples! ...more
All fantastic advice! I couldn't agree more on anything you said, especially about routines and ...more

Expecting Triplets? Mother of Baby Triplets? How Do You Feed Triplets By Yourself?

How do you feed baby triplets by yourself?Very carefully.Just kidding!Seriously, first make sure there aren’t any video cameras around because you will look slightly ridiculous feeding baby triplets by yourself....more

Between = in the meantime

When I think of the word between, it evokes transition to me - like when someone says, we're between sitters right now, or I'm between sizes, or all too often in these economic times, he's in between jobs. Transition, in the meantime, or meanwhile - they're all words I use a lot these days. Actually I think it's an excellent description of The Tripped Up Family. We're in transition in so many places, sometimes it's hard to keep count of all of them....more

The Twouble with Twiblings

Many newspapers are running the story of what they’re calling the “twiblings”: two babies born days apart to the same parents via surrogacy. In other words, the parents worked with two surrogates simultaneously in order to transfer embryos to both at the same time which resulted in each surrogate carrying a child, delivering them within days of each other. So they have boy-girl twins … from separate wombs. ...more

I haven't read or thought a lot about this subject so my comments below are meant to show my ...more

A Quick Rant: Yes, They're Natural

It's a question I'm already fielding: Are your triplets natural? My response is always the same: Well, they certainly aren't robots. This is then met with a confused face, THEN the questioner fumbles over her (because a man hasn't asked me yet) words and usually spits out something about fertility drugs or IVF. Parents of singletons can correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems a question reserved for parents of multiples. ...more
"BIG at-work mistake!"  YOU, my dear, are hilarious!  Loved this.more

Pee and Fire

Yep, that about sums up my morning.  Mornings are still a tad hectic, now that the trips are in preschool. I still don't have a good flow to get us all out of the house seamlessly....more