The Comparison Trap: Why We Compare Our Children to Others

I work a few times a month at a non-profit dental clinic for children. Just last week, I saw a sweet 13-month-old boy who could already say about 20 words. That's more than my own son who is almost two....more

My Child's First Word Made Me Re-Evaluate My Parenting

As the triplets are getting older, they are getting more and more curious. While sometimes endearing, the curiosity often leads them to trouble. At 21 months, Lincoln and Keira are now in the 90th percentile for height, so they can reach almost every surface in the house. And if they can’t reach it on their own, they can move and climb on top of a chair to get to it. ...more
Great idea, Krysta! I should totally create a YL! I bet most of my yelling would be around the ...more

Secret Mom Behaviors

Back when I was cool (circa 2002) I used to get together with my girlfriends to watch Sex in the City on HBO. It was Season 4. Carrie was living with Aiden and lamenting the loss of her “Secret Single Behaviors” over brunch....more

Triplets: IVF Miracle or Mistake?

“I feel really comfortable putting in three.”That’s what the reproductive endocrinologist said the day of our embryo transfer. After a cancelled IVF cycle and a failed cycle using two perfect embryos, we were down to three poor quality embryos and one last chance....more

6 Reasons I Don't Dress My Triplets Alike

A sweet older lady slowly approached our table. “You’ve got your hands full, I see. Are those two twins?” She gestured to Lincoln and Keira. “No, they’re actually triplets. Violet is just a little smaller than her brother and sister.” “Oh, if they’re triplets, why aren’t they dressed the same? Don’t you want everybody to know they’re triplets?” ...more
jess.white05 So far, my littles are still confined to a stroller when we're out and about, so I ...more

"Her Life Must Suck"

Going out alone with 18-month-old triplets is like herding squirrels in a nut factory. My kids are at that inconvenient age when they don’t like to be confined in a stroller and they can’t be trusted to walk directly anywhere. Unless it’s dangerous....more
rushedmommy I'm really looking forward to hearing those words.  Thank you for your kind words :)more

Parenting Makes You Vulnerable

I took a deep breath and dialed the number. One, two, three rings and then, “Hello, you’ve reached First Steps, Kentucky’s Early Intervention Program.” I tried to do it right. I chose to stay home with them. I read to them every day. I waited to introduce television. I got down on their level and spoke with them constantly....more
:( That's a scary thing to have to deal with. I am sure they are just developmentally behind a ...more

A Letter to my Children

When you couple being a mom with being a perfectionist, the outcome is often a genuine case of mom guilt.  At least that's true for me.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things the "right way" and yet, I scarcely know what that is.  The parenting world is crammed with conflicting information; so I gather up as much as I can, filter, synthesize, and try to come up with something that looks like a strategy.  I make all of these goals, and inevitably, I fail.  Often....more

The Grocery Store Becomes A Vacation After You Have A Baby

Out of habit, I took one last glance in the mirror as I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I was pulling out of the driveway when a familiar feeling washed over me. As I sat idly at a red light, I realized that what I was feeling was adrenaline. Excitement. The feeling I used to get before I left my tiny condo and headed to a bachelorette party, a concert, or a first date many eons ago. But I wasn’t doing any of those things. I was going to the grocery store. Alone. ...more
I can't even begin to imagine having 3 babies at once! Funny post!more