Dealing With Internet Trolls: Why You Just Have to "Shake It Off"

"Why you gotta be so ruuuuuude?" - some Canadian reggae band————————————————————————————What is an “Internet Troll?”  Well, I went on Urban Dictionary — where I find out what all the cool kids are saying these days — and they defined it as: ...more

The Trouble with Trolls

I’ve been thinking about trolls lately.No, sadly, not the fluffy, neon-haired bejewelled belly button type (what a weird fad that was).I’ve been thinking more about the type who prowl the internet looking for unmoderated forums to spew bilious, hateful trash. You know, the ones you encounter when, against your better judgement you think, “I’ll just quickly scroll down to the comment section of this thoughtful piece of writing or this heartfelt video.”...more

New Page

There has been a new page added to Jerri's Empty Nest...the Comments Policy page.Unfortunately, due to a troll, it was necessary to set forth some guidelines for commenting on this blog.  I hate that it became necessary to post actual guidelines but I found myself with no other recourse....more

A Change

A slight change has been made to my blog.Due to some individuals using my blog as a vehicle for disrespect and harassment, anonymous comments will no longer be accepted by this blog.  If you have a legitimate comment to make, there should be no problem signing your name to that comment. ...more

No need to feed Trolls ...

Today, after almost four years of blogging, a "troll" showed up on the blog. If you don't know, a troll is someone who comments in an inflammatory way, is completely off topic, their claims make no sense to the posting and who's purpose is ... well, I don't really know what their purpose is at all. Oh! and they are most always anonymous, as this one was today.Are you kidding me! This is not even a smart troll! ...more

CPS Showed Up at My Door: An On-Going Lesson in Consequences

I received a knock on my door this afternoon, and when I answered it I was met by a small, blonde woman who announced that she was from child protective services and she needed to talk to me. If you've never had that experience (and I hope you never have), let me try to describe how it feels. Your heart starts racing. Your mind starts spinning, frantically trying to recall something -- anything -- that could warrant a visit from CPS. I was in full panic mode, but trying my very best to hold it together. Or to at least not pass out....more
I am so sorry. This happened to me (not b/c of a blog post but a crazy neighbor I will write ...more

Do Social Sites Do Enough to Help People Threatened with Rape and Death?

Web sites are not legally responsible for the safety of their users, this is true. But should dating sites and social networks be doing more to ensure their users know their rights and what to do in the event of abuse? They have terms of service that cover them legally, but how many of them spell out their policies as it regards to working with law enforcement to solve cases of serious cyber-abuse and threats? ...more
I was cyber-bullied late last year by people on a kink meme where I tried to write fan fic. ...more

How Someone Becomes a Mean Girl

But they never ignored an opportunity. They always found a stray thread on my self-confidence to pull, ripping the seams and shredding my self-worth. Those girls grew up. Backpacks became Kate Spade bags and slap bracelets became diamond rings. They have a new playground – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, message boards. ...more
Pure, angry joy. I feel sorry for you. I understand you have had a pathetic life, but why not ...more

My Most Difficult Blogging Moment

I still remember the shock of it all, and how very personally I took it. I had told myself that it wouldn’t happen to me, that I wasn’t that type. Those kinds of things happened to others, the other kind of people. And, if it did happen to me, I wouldn’t be affected. Other kinds of people were pulled into that, but I’m not other kinds of people. I’m solid and rock steady and sure of myself. Turns out I was that other kind of people. ...more
Its a scientific fact that incivility has more of an effect on us than the reverse. We remember ...more

How To Handle Negative Comments on Food Blogging Posts

I consulted some of the foodie geniuses that I am lucky enough to read and asked their opinion on foodie negative feedback. Most agree, there is a time and place. If a recipe has flaws (significant or not) most really appreciate having that pointed out so they can make adjustments! They also agree that you have to develop a thick skin to be a food blogger. It was discovered that people will leave bad comments/ratings based on taste alone ... something that would be impossible to make universally pleasing. ...more
What a great example to put a negative turnout into perspective. I'm a food blogger as well and ...more