Loneliness does not kill, but prejudices do!

Loneliness does not kill, but prejudices do! ...more

Are You Ben’s Soulmate? By Jen Oliak

 Are you a good catch who is single or do you know a QUALITY woman who is looking for true love?  If so, I would love to hear from you....more

4 Signs That It’s Time to End Your Relationship

Ever want to break up with someone for a really long time and never have the guts to do it? Well…That was me one month before I started this blog. Except it wasn’t my boyfriend I was trying to end a relationship with: It was my job. You know that jerky guy that treats the girl wrong in all those romance movies? The guy who realizes what a big mistake he made when she walks away and moves on to something bigger and better? Well if my job was my boyfriend, that was basically him....more
Date2Relate This is so true! Thank you so much for reading!more

What is True Love?

"And still, ...more

Tiny Diamonds...A Love Story

My husband proposed to me with the most simple, modest diamond. It was definitely not the stunner I was hoping for (or foolishly even expecting), but there was no way that I would ever have said no to that one question that would change both of our lives forever. Even though, in my egotistic pride, I have since made fun of him for that tiny diamond (since I knew he could have afforded a bigger one) - I still would never trade it - even if given the chance now....more

A different and most welcomed portrayal of true love

A friend of mine and I took my older two to see "Frozen" this afternoon. How refreshing, exciting, adventurous, exquisite the movie is! The animation was superb (on a side note, I absolutely loved the Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse short film that previewed right beforehand, with Mickey and Minnie popping on and off the movie screen) and amazing. Seeing two princesses who were strong, not merely waiting for someone to rescue them, was refreshing. The music was delightful. Loved the adventure....more

Where's My Happily Ever After?

I am grieving for a marriage that is never to be. Certainly, I am extremely grateful for my son. Having him in my life fills my heart with light and love. But at times when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I begin to feel robbed of the false fairy tale of getting married, having two kids, and living happily ever after. ...more
Happily ever after is a myth that is sold to us in childhood through fairytales...it only sets ...more

Somethings I've Learned.

What is something I've learned?...more



Let St. Anthony Find Your True Love (A Valentine Day Ritual from Mexico)

 (Last year, while I was traveling in Mexico, I posted this blog post about a ritual and a restaurant I encountered in Morelia.  The restaurant owners claim that thousands of women have found their soul-mates thanks to their "shrine" to St. Anthony....more