Last Message from Baltimore

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Streamlined and frantic free...

My eyes popped open at the sound of my husband's alarm.5:15 a.m.What?Panicked, I looked at my own clock. What had happened to my 4:30 a.m. alarm?"Not on Aqua Zumba day!" I whined. Loudly....more

Our Quaint Attic

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“You Only Have to Keep Still.”

 “As Pharaoh drew near, the Israelites looked back”.  Big mistake. Lot’s wife looked back and remember what happened to her? She turned to a pillar of rock salt. What did the Israelites do? They looked back. What do we do when we are trying to leave our former lives of bondage?...more

Snooping Through Your Partner's Email Should Be A Crime

“He was acting so weird, and he wouldn’t tell me what was going on. I kept asking him if something happened at work or something, and he’d say no and go back to Breaking Bad. I just knew he was off.”“Maybe he was just tired?” (Or it could be that Breaking Bad is just a fucking great show)“Maybe. But I checked email on his phone after he fell asleep and…”No. Stop. You’re Doing It Wrong....more
This should NEVER be a crime!  A person should go to jail for something so interpersonal, or ...more


AnitaG. G. stands for GIRLHow am I ever going to be able to Afford an Apartment in this City on my Own, by Myself.  So, Me & a bunch of Woman & Girl[s] got together and put in Our Folios, each to start to get myApartment together!  Now, 10 Years later, She is acting as if she don't know what i am saying, and She didn't give me the keys to myApartment as if She can be evicting me....more


When my kids were little their play dates included the parents and were planned by the parents.  It seemed to be what everyone did.  It was nice because the kids were kept busy and tired each other out while the adults had a relaxing conversation.  Then as the kids got older it changed to one parent dropping a kid off at another kid’s house.  The kids still kept each other busy, but the parent whose house they were at no longer had someone to sit and relax with.  The parent who dropped off had time away from their child.  To make things fair, you usually t...more

Trustful Parenting Experiment #2: Doing Less

This was a long winter, as everyone knows, except for you lucky devils living in places that didn’t get repeatedly body slammed by snow and/or subzero temperatures. Through the better part of the winter I kept pushing the kids to stick to a relatively active schedule of activities, errands, and playdates. We got out of the house just about every day and I thought this was good for us. But at a certain point, Miles slammed on the brakes. Getting him out of the house to go anywhere became such an unbelievable struggle that eventually I had to STOP and reconsider....more

Do you trust people easily? You're probably quite smart.

I always thought of it more as intuition, but a new study out of the UK says that intelligent people are more likely to trust others. Maybe it's that intelligence helps you gather facts and draw conclusions from your evaluations. Either way, I'm happy to read this piece and plan to print it out to show my husband. He's always telling me I'm "too trusting" of everyone and that I need more "street smarts." (The only "street smarts" I acquired in Vermont was how to drive in snow.)Here's what I read:

Who Do You Trust?

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Monday, March 17, 2014 Who do you trust more: yourself or others?~~~~~~~~Today’s prompt got me to thinking; ‘Who do I trust?’ ‘Myself’?, ‘Others?’ I used to trust easily. I believed that everyone thought like I thought. Guess what? They don’t. That was a hard lesson for me to learn. It kept banging me upside the head, time after time, until I finally caught on. Not only does everyone not think like me, some are very deceitful, evil, and twisted....more