Caillou’s Mom (Grr!) |MomCave LIVE | Glynis Ratcliffe & Julie Maida

Caillou’s Mom. We call Bullshit.We’ve had it with Caillou. And his frickin’ mother. Ugh, Caillou’s mom. ...more

How Mobile Applications Are Changing Our Lives ?

Mobile applications have tremendously influenced our lives. 20 years ago, there were no Smartphone. Life was simple and natural then. Smartphones have turned the world we live in an upside down now. The way we used to look on life before smartphones were invented has now changed completely with the level of comfort that has been provided by the invention. Smartphones have become our best friends by proving their worth in need....more

Downton Wthdrawal - Wah!!!

Downton Withdrawal – WAH!!!...more

6 Reasons Why Louie Is TV's Most Boneable Dad

When you think about Louie, the barely fictional character from the show LOUIE, the term ‘sex god’ may not immediately come to mind. It certainly doesn’t come to mind for his love interests. The ones that reject him explain with “My chemistry is telling me you’re a loser”, or just “Suck a dick, son.” Even worse, the ones he does bed complain that “You’re bad at sex” and “You smell weird…like dying.”Yet last season, Louie was a full-on chick magnet. Not only was he was banging bonafide hotties on the regular, but — unlike in previous seasons — not a single one was batshit crazy....more

Homeland Season 5, Ep. 1: 'Separation Anxiety'

Warning: This post contains spoilers--...more

The 4 Worst On-Screen Births

One of the unexpected downsides to having a baby is that I can no longer watch Grey's Anatomy without wanting to throw my coffee at the screen. The same goes for Private Practice, Offspring or any other show that involves a lot of babies being born. Image: Warner Bros. Television ...more
I'm bingewatching Friends on Netflix currently and I just watched the ep where she gives birth ...more