Nine Lessons from an Electricity Fast

For 40 days, we limited our use of electricity. We only made exceptions for food preparation and clothes washing. We (the kids and I) were 100% successful with no dishwasher, TV, or computer. I hung my laundry to dry every time except once when I ran four batches through the dryer after recovering from bronchitis. ...more

I'd love to give this a go too! I have already banished the dishwasher, as a result of having a ...more

"Mad Men" Returns: Who is Don Draper? (Spoilers)

"Who is Don Draper?" Last night's premiere of the AMC drama Mad Men began and ended with variations on that question. Each time, it was from a reporter, and each time, it was directed at the dapper '60s ad man, Don Draper (Jon Hamm). ...more

I got inspired after writing this post, so here's my new Season 4 "Mad Men" avatar.

Pass me ...more

What's going on over at SexIs Magazine - July 25, 2010 Edition

Hope everybody had a relaxing weekend – it’s time to catch up on Sexis and get a peek at what’s ahead for this coming week! We’ve made it easy to do with the Sexis Round-Up! ...more

My Three Favorite Topics

 Hello, everyone, my name is Cassie Hicks, I'm 45, unemployed, and an avid soap opera/music fan. I haven't been on this website for months. I'm not a blogger, heh, heh, I know....more

New study says TV/video games contribute to ADD/ADHD

Three Iowa State University psychologists did a study on the correlations between TV viewing/video games and attention problems (in kids and college kids). Those who had ore than 2 hours (which is the high end of what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends) were 1.5 to two times more likely to have more attention problems than the average kid....more

Constance Marie's Long Road to Baby

by Jennifer A....more

Nurse HawthoRNe Takes Nursing To A Whole Nother' Level

I'd always been of the adage that one "shouldn't judge a book by its cover" Yet, I found myself doing just that when these new crop of medical/nurse/drama shows began airing, primarily on TNT. I thought that 'here we go again' folks playing at being nurses for real....more

Gotta Love The Hot and Hunky Men of "True Blood" (Spoilers, Video)

If y'all like hot and hunky men and you aren't watchin' True Blood, you might as well get yourselves to the local loony bin, 'cause the men of Bon Temps, Louisiana are smokin'! Sunday night, True Blood kicked off its third season with a bang -- or rather a fang, since the show is a modern-day vampire drama. Based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, the characters include a mind reader, a shapeshifter and a graveyard full of vamps, all living, loving and lusting, side by side. ...more

I like Bill's formality,'cause it just makes him such a proper gentleman. At least outside the ...more

Who's The Best Ball-Busting Ad Exec: Don Draper or Amanda Woodward? Play My TV Smackdown

I could not tell you why, but I recently became obsessed with the idea of a cage match between Blossom Russo and Clarissa Darling. I cannot remember a single thing about calculus -- which I studied for four months during my freshman year of college -- and would be hard-pressed to correctly state my grandmother’s birthday, yet my brain is able not only to name two television characters from long-gone '90s sitcoms but also finds the space to store their respective physical and mental strengths in order to handicap the outcome of an imaginary fight. It’s incredible that I haven’t yet wiped out my basic motor skills in order to memorize more Bel Biv Devoe lyrics, or stopped my heartbeat by stocking my brain stem with potential band names based on my 6th grade stationery preferences (Lisa Frank and the Trapperkeepers, anyone?) ...more

For most gimmicky never-seen character, how could you leave out Charlie of Charlie's Angels?!more