2010 Fall TV Preview: Three Shows I'm Banking On

I gotta tell ya -- so far, very few of the fall TV shows are getting me excited. I've seen a few pilots, read some press releases, watched some clips, and so far, I've decided there are only three new shows that will make me set my DVR religiously: Hawaii Five-0, Undercovers and Outlaw. ...more

You've got a point that "Lone Star" might have some staying power, but that show, like most of ...more

The Word on the Street is: Disappointment

The Word on the Street Is: Disappointment Talk to any 20 or 30-something year old about Sesame Street, and you’ll hear the same refrain - Sesame St. has been ruined, and the decline started with the introduction of Elmo.  While I believe this to be true, it is an oversimplification of the many changes (some necessary, and some not) instituted over the years to my favorite children’s television show.Sesame St....more

How to Get a Reality Show: Interview with Mike Wolfe of American Pickers

This fascinating interview was brought to you by blogs, Twitter and my sister, the fangirl. ...more
Can't believe I'm just seeing this post. My husband is and was a picker before we knew of the ...more

Nine Lessons from an Electricity Fast

For 40 days, we limited our use of electricity. We only made exceptions for food preparation and clothes washing. We (the kids and I) were 100% successful with no dishwasher, TV, or computer. I hung my laundry to dry every time except once when I ran four batches through the dryer after recovering from bronchitis. ...more

I'd love to give this a go too! I have already banished the dishwasher, as a result of having a ...more

"Mad Men" Returns: Who is Don Draper? (Spoilers)

"Who is Don Draper?" Last night's premiere of the AMC drama Mad Men began and ended with variations on that question. Each time, it was from a reporter, and each time, it was directed at the dapper '60s ad man, Don Draper (Jon Hamm). ...more

I got inspired after writing this post, so here's my new Season 4 "Mad Men" avatar.

Pass me ...more

What's going on over at SexIs Magazine - July 25, 2010 Edition

Hope everybody had a relaxing weekend – it’s time to catch up on Sexis and get a peek at what’s ahead for this coming week! We’ve made it easy to do with the Sexis Round-Up! ...more

My Three Favorite Topics

 Hello, everyone, my name is Cassie Hicks, I'm 45, unemployed, and an avid soap opera/music fan. I haven't been on this website for months. I'm not a blogger, heh, heh, I know....more

New study says TV/video games contribute to ADD/ADHD

Three Iowa State University psychologists did a study on the correlations between TV viewing/video games and attention problems (in kids and college kids). Those who had ore than 2 hours (which is the high end of what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends) were 1.5 to two times more likely to have more attention problems than the average kid....more

Constance Marie's Long Road to Baby

by Jennifer A....more