"The Beautiful Girls" of "Mad Men" On the Brink of Social Change

In the last three weeks, Mad Men has once again shown that when it comes to quality television, the show shines far above almost anything else TV has to offer."The Beautiful Girls," "The Summer Man" and "The Suitcase"  were all episodes that gave us more about  Don Draper, helping answer the question first posed at the beginning of the season, but also showcased the women of Mad Men on the brink of one of the most stunning social changes this country has ever seen.Here's a rundown of what's been happening with "The Beautiful Girls," but beware, there are spoilers a plenty....more

Your stories are just like those of so many other women who experienced tough times in male ...more

Moment of the Week - 5

My toddler would like a video, and she doesn't mind telling me all about it....more

10 Sensational Returning TV Characters

This fall's TV season is just about to kick off and with returning shows will come some sensational returning characters. Now, I'm not talking about cool characters like Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) or Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), 'cause they're the stars of their shows. I'm talking about some of the supporting players that make us laugh, make us cry and can steal a scene quicker than you can say "Sue Sylvester." ...more

I'm ready to start a campaign to return Miss J to the judging panel. He's sorely ...more

Parenthood is Back!

I don’t get truly excited about very many shows.  Don’t get me wrong–I like a lot of shows.  My husband and I usually have at least one show a night that we like to watch during the fall.  I would never blog about a show, though.  I would never be so happy and excited about a show that I would feel compelled to share it with other people....more

TLC's "Sister Wives" Brings Polygamy to Reality TV

When it comes to polygamy or men with multiple wives, you can put me down solidly on the side of thinking: WTF!? My feminist hackles rise, my righteous indignation flares and I start to spout off about religions created by men, run by men, that promote men presiding over multiple women, keeping those women in degradation and oppression. ...more

The Utah authorities can't be seen to be ignoring a situation that is now so public. It'll be ...more

(VIDEO) "Mad Men" and "Modern Family" Take Top Emmy Honors, But the Show? A Snooze!

When it comes to writing about the annual primetime Emmy awards, it's hard to know where to start.  Do I start with the awards and how some very worthy performances were rewarded, even though so many more were overlooked in favor of "paint-by-numbers voting?"  Or do I start with the snooze-worthiness of the show itself? ...more

Even though you missed it, through the magic of online video, you can see many video clips from ...more

(PHOTOS) It's Monday Morning. Let's Look at Some Pictures From the Emmy Awards.

Having a hard time getting going? Enjoy these photos and reassure yourself at least it didn't take you this long to get ready today. ...more

I was upset I missed it last night. I even told the hubby to remind me, and he forgot. LOLmore

2010 Fall TV Preview: Three Shows I'm Banking On

I gotta tell ya -- so far, very few of the fall TV shows are getting me excited. I've seen a few pilots, read some press releases, watched some clips, and so far, I've decided there are only three new shows that will make me set my DVR religiously: Hawaii Five-0, Undercovers and Outlaw. ...more

You've got a point that "Lone Star" might have some staying power, but that show, like most of ...more

The Word on the Street is: Disappointment

The Word on the Street Is: Disappointment Talk to any 20 or 30-something year old about Sesame Street, and you’ll hear the same refrain - Sesame St. has been ruined, and the decline started with the introduction of Elmo.  While I believe this to be true, it is an oversimplification of the many changes (some necessary, and some not) instituted over the years to my favorite children’s television show.Sesame St....more

How to Get a Reality Show: Interview with Mike Wolfe of American Pickers

This fascinating interview was brought to you by blogs, Twitter and my sister, the fangirl. ...more
Can't believe I'm just seeing this post. My husband is and was a picker before we knew of the ...more