TV and your Kids!

  So, I decided to get married and have a child in my late thirties thinking I'm done with my wild side and ready to settle down.  I thought my patience level would be at its utmost high and would be able to handle any amount of stress.  I thought having a baby would complete my husband and I and allow for me to finally grow up!...more

Bravo Carrie Underwood!!

This blog is going to be short and sweet...Congratulations to Carrie Underwoond and the entrie cast of The Sound od Music. I think I am  a little late to this party becuase I just watched it yesturday with my daughters (ages 21 and 14) as we decorated our tree.  We loved it!...more

What TV Doesn't Teach Us about Love

We learn about love from a variety of sources: parents, friends, experiences and entertainment. All of these can be beneficial or very bad. The relationships we see on TV are made up "reality." Whatever show entices you, the relationships you watch on TV are in some way, shape or form fake. From the most family-friendly entertainment to more adult-aged programs, TV shows are never an accurate display of real life. This is especially true when it comes to intimate relationship depictions....more
You are so on point with this post. I don't think we realize how much the TV is affecting our lives.more


In my first essay on the Duchess of Malfi, we have to consider how we would stage one of the scenes. In researching this it has turned my mind to lighting in tv, film and plays....more

What the "Full House" neighbors had to be thinking

I used to love the show “Full House” and watched it religiously when I was a kid.  (By “when I was a kid” I mean now.)I know good TV when I see it, and “Full House” is good TV.My DVR is filled with sweet episodes of the crazy antics of the Tanner clan.  From a creepy “uncle” who lived in the basement and was a “comedian” to the equally creepy “uncle” who lived in a child’s bedroom on the second floor, there was a lot of shit that went down in that house....more

5 TV Shows That Will Never Be Resuscitated

I should be so lucky that it was Arrested Development that was recently resurrected, and not My So-Called Life. Maybe it’s just me, but as much as I adored MSCL, I don’t think Angela Chase could really exist in the 21st century, and I’d just about die if network execs brought her back and made her a Belieber. I’ll take an oddly independent collegiate George Michael Bluth over that, thank you very much. Instead, let’s talk about some shows that we’ll never see brought back from the dead and thank our lucky stars that they are over and done with....more
This made me laugh so hard! Thanks for this blog post I love it! I cannot stand Amanda Bynes as ...more

Our Solution to Screen Time Overload

Now, let me preface this entire post by saying, I’m no TV nazi. I sadly let me kids watch WAY too much, especially now that I’m working from home, and I need a moment here or there to answer emails or pee by myself. I grew up as a child raised on TV, and I think I turned out okay for the most part, so I’ve never been too strict about TV time. Besides, until recently, both of my kids were at school or in daycare full time, so they rarely had more than 30 minutes to watch TV at night anyway....more

'Switched at Birth' Airs All ASL Episode: A Quiet Pioneer on ABC Family

In casting a mix of deaf, hearing and hard-of-hearing actors — as well as showcasing silent scenes between characters communicating in sign language (subtitled for hearing viewers) in every episode — the show is a technical and cultural pioneer. This week, Switched aired an all-ASL episode, something the network says has never been done before on scripted, mainstream television....more I agree, SweetBird, there arent' many good TV show to watch, in my opinion, ...more

Girls don't need math

What can you say to attract undergraduate college students to a course in science communication? When I explain to new acquaintances that my work revolves around science communication, their eyes glaze over. Boredom sets in. So how can I persuade students? My Indian relatives advise me to speak from the heart and tell a story when I’m attempting to convince folks that science is scintillating. That math is sexy. But I haven’t always felt that way. ...more

MOMMA CANDY of the Week!

MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK (Did I Tell You I'm Having A Giveaway?)   This week went by so fast and I can't say enough thank-yous for all of the blog love Momma Candy has received due to the awesome giveaway I'm hosting....more