Why I Love 'The Big Bang Theory': Bazinga!

Bazinga! That term, popularized by Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory," sums up how I feel about the show.  I arrived late to the Big Bang party, but I've compensated for my tardy TV viewing by becoming a devoted fan. ...more

Why Do We Keep Up With The Kardashians?

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Freshhelen OMG!  "Kartrashians" is gold!  Fricking brilliant and so accurate.  I also love that ...more

Two Fiery Shows About Women and our BFFs

We haven’t had a profound shortage of female bonding orientated programming as of late. Girls on HBO, for example, is a gritty, realistic show about the real life jealousies and issues that develop between friends as they navigate the waters of young adulthood. But as much as I love it, it’s about women much younger than myself, and as much as I try to relate to Hannah, Marnie, Jess and Shoshanna, I realize that that the similarity factor can only go so far. ...more
debontherocks Thanks, Deb! Was just thinking I need some good Double X TV in my demo. Hope all's ...more

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

First off, word of warning, this does contain spoilers if you have not watched it yet.One word sums up Sunday night's season finale of The Walking Dead - amazing. I mean wow, just when you didn't think they would go that far on TV. Being a huge fan and having read the comics, there are many scenes you just assume that they could never pull off on TV....more

10 must see tv shows {bossy list}

My last "bossy list" was of my favorite movies. I use the term "bossy list" for any list that tells you that you "must" watch something or whatever. Hey lists - don't you tell me what to do! I'm an adult! ...more

TV and your Kids!

  So, I decided to get married and have a child in my late thirties thinking I'm done with my wild side and ready to settle down.  I thought my patience level would be at its utmost high and would be able to handle any amount of stress.  I thought having a baby would complete my husband and I and allow for me to finally grow up!...more

Bravo Carrie Underwood!!

This blog is going to be short and sweet...Congratulations to Carrie Underwoond and the entrie cast of The Sound od Music. I think I am  a little late to this party becuase I just watched it yesturday with my daughters (ages 21 and 14) as we decorated our tree.  We loved it!...more

What TV Doesn't Teach Us about Love

We learn about love from a variety of sources: parents, friends, experiences and entertainment. All of these can be beneficial or very bad. The relationships we see on TV are made up "reality." Whatever show entices you, the relationships you watch on TV are in some way, shape or form fake. From the most family-friendly entertainment to more adult-aged programs, TV shows are never an accurate display of real life. This is especially true when it comes to intimate relationship depictions....more
You are so on point with this post. I don't think we realize how much the TV is affecting our lives.more


In my first essay on the Duchess of Malfi, we have to consider how we would stage one of the scenes. In researching this it has turned my mind to lighting in tv, film and plays....more