MOMMA CANDY of the Week!

MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK (Did I Tell You I'm Having A Giveaway?)   This week went by so fast and I can't say enough thank-yous for all of the blog love Momma Candy has received due to the awesome giveaway I'm hosting....more

Having '30 Rock' Withdrawals? 6 Lessons for Parents From Liz Lemon

You might be thinking that you'll miss 30 Rock for lots of different reasons:  its surrealist humor, its sharpness about popular culture, its portrait of a flawed feminist woman who didn't identify as a Sex and the City character, and its vivid portrayal of workplace relationships....more
I do not buy DVDs at all, but I am seriously considering asking for some 30 Rock seasons as ...more

MOMMA CANDY of the Week!

MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK Things That Made Me Happy   Have you ever had one of those weeks that is so heavy and so trying you can't even remember what you did Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...I mean, did those days actually even happen? Did I get dressed?...more

What Am I Missing?

Pray tell, why do we have some much violence as entertainment?We’re good people. We love peace. I don’t believe we want to train our children to be fighters. Am I wrong in this? We lobby for gun control while using guns abundantly in movies or on television. Are we teaching that a gun is the way to solve a problem?I don’t get it. What am I missing?...more

Could Your Family Live Without Cable? Mine Is About To Find Out.

"Have you lost your mind? Get rid of cable? Did you fall and hit your head? But how could we watch Big Time Rush?? What's going to happen to Good Luck Charlie? Oh dear God no! We're begging you, mom, PLEASE don't get rid of cable!"Image courtesy of Shutterstock...more
Another brilliant way to bring family together.   I try shutting off the idiot box during ...more

I love TV.

I love TV. In fact, when someone tells me, "Oh, I don't have a TV," I'm mildly annoyed. Because to me, telling me you don't have a TV translates to -but I spend all day and night on the internet...probably on Hulu. Just get a TV like every other normalish person already so I can talk about all my favorite shows with you in a timely manner! No, there is no one person I'm referring to because I've had this conversation with various people in various settings. ...more
Get on the band wagon and get that DVR going! Thanks for reading! ;-) @Denisemore

TV Dinners: TV Show Cookbooks

TV Dinners: TV Show CookbooksJanice | December 11, 2012 - 12:42 pm ...more

It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Look Fine

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world is scheduled to come to an end on December 21, 2012.  I don't know about you, but I plan to spend my remaining two months studying up on what to expect when you're being exterminated. I will accomplish this by watching the current crop of post apocalyptic television programs, which naturally are just loaded with helpful information.  The Walking Dead  (AMC) teaches us you need to have a Zombie escape plan....more
This is all very useful information. Apparently television isn't such a waste of time after ...more

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE! Day 10

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE! Day 10 Cable With most of us spending our leisure time on line these days watching television and movies on line is simpler and convient. Use these free site Hulu, YouTube and try out your favorite channel online always free there too. Have a gamer in your life and who doesn’t try our gaming console wither a PS,Xbox or Wii you can view Netflix, Hulu Plus or both on your consoles there is a small change less than $10 a month compared to cable that’s a bargain....more

Forget Big Bird: Why I Don't Like Sesame Street

I Capture the Rowhouse had a great post recently lamenting the replacement of shows like Reading Rainbow with Super Why on PBS. I’ve thought about this issue for days, which is 1) proof that I’m crazy, and 2) proof that I spend way too much time analyzing children’s television. But the part of my brain that is a Kindergarten teacher won’t let the issue go....more
I actually like Sesame Street for a number of reasons.  I don't like animated shows that aren't ...more