Favorite Characters

We watch a variety of shows here at various times, depending on when I'm working that day. We switch it up because I can only handle so much of any one kids' show. They're fairly irritating, I would say. Of course, so are most adult shows. I work in the living room, so I see all these shows, and I've ended up with a couple of favorite characters. ...more

'Mad Men' is Back, and Twitter and I Can't Wait to Spoil It

Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo (Zou Bisou Bisou, I know.)  Did you have fun at Don's 40th Birthday Bash? I sure did. What better way to bring us back to everything we love about Mad Men than with a swanky cocktail party starring a sultry French Canadian?...more

I Love the 90s

It’s true. All my life I have been hearing about this show, but never once decided to give it a chance until this year. While relaxing in our hotel room during our winter vacation, my sister and I came across this show when we were flipping through the channels on TV. Nothing was really on so we decided to keep it on this show....more

If You Throw It…They Will Come

Me: Want to have dinner with my parents and brother tonight? Kiefer: Sure. Want to go look at a house after work tomorrow? Me: Sure…. Want to throw a slushie in my face? Kiefer: Is this a trick question? Are you as confused as Kiefer?...more

Without a Bruise there is no Pain

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy to shop for a TV. I rarely watch television, but I decided that I wanted one for my room so that I could watch movies snuggled up in bed with my children. I didn’t need a fancy one - simply a basic, 20 in.TV with a DVD player. In making my choice, I had several things to consider - it must easily fit in the car and I must be able to take it up the stairs to my bedroom. ...more

From HBO to PBS: What's Coming Up on TV this Spring

The holidays are over and that means so are the doldrums of television. Finally, we TV addicts will get new episodes of favorite shows and premieres of a whole crop of new shows. And as your intrepid TV watcher, I'm here to tell you about the shows I'll be excited to see debut on my flat screen....more
@LindaCSmith Hi Linda! Thanks. So far I'm liking "Alcatraz" also. Haven't been able to get ...more

'Work It' Doesn't Appear To Actually Work

Sitcoms on TV, lately, are divided into two very distinct categories. On one hand, you have shows like 30Rock and Parks and Recreation, which represent a very high-brow, accomplished sense of comedy. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that 30Rock (thankfully returning to regular rotation this month) revolutionalized modern comedy. I mean- think about the last half-decent show you watched with a laugh track....more

Christmas TV Special Nostalgia

Does anyone else miss the good ol’ days of the exciting “Christmas Specials” on TV? You know, back when holiday programs were actually SPECIAL because they only ran once a year – so if you missed them, you were out of luck? I sure do! I can still hear the drums and trumpets from the CBS Special Presentation intro in my head, and picture that swirling seventies logo that signaled that something wonderful and out-of-the-ordinary was about to happen....more
I think there is a difference in the quality of some Christmas shows they are producing and the ...more

I Think I Figured Out My Husband, Maybe

As she watched the grin grow on her husband's face, it slowly dawned on her that he was not just pleased with how his home theater had turned out. That grin signified much more. His face declared "I won! I got what I wanted!" What did he want? It took her a home redecorating spree to figure it out. ...more
i love it!more