Take Flight with Pan Am on ABC

I was kind of excited for the premiere of Pan Am on ABC last night because I've been hearing so much about it lately I wanted to see if it lived up to its hype. But unfortunately, any show that's set in the 1960's now is obviously going to be compared to Mad Men, but Pan Am is really so different. Well, I guess it's not completely different, as it does focus on a "career" driven set of women in 1963 -- "a new breed of women," to quote the show. But I liked it nonetheless. What Pan Am has that Mad Men doesn't is adventure and espionage and international travel, giving it a little more of an edge. ...more
Interesting comment from Magtaf. Here are two posts I wrote about the program. And you are ...more

Memorable Moments from the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards

It was a night of expected (cringe worthy musical numbers) and unexpected (Charlie Sheen clear eyed and sober...wait, what?).  It was the best award ceremony ever for women who are not size 2 and men who are not 6'2.  It had laughs  from hilarious host Jane Lynch, and tears for those actors who are no longer with us as Leonard Cohen's hypnotic anthem "Hallelujah" was sung in the back ground. The 63rd Annual Emmy Award ceremony aired on FOX Sunday night and it had something for everyone, including a large infusion of Ho...more
I can't vote on this one, I didn't see the Emmy Awards. Actually, I haven't seen the Emmy Awards ...more

TLC - The P.T. Barnum of Cable Television


Turn Off The TV & Live Longer

The fact that I don’t own a television makes me a bit of a social misfit, especially when I’m the one ON the television, and my own kid can’t tune in to see Mommy on the boob tube.It’s been over seven years since I cancelled my cable subscription, and I can honestly say it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done....more

To Glee or Not to Glee


Big Emmy Nominees: "Mildred Pierce," "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men"

Mildred Pierce, Boardwalk Empire and my personal favorite, Game of Thrones, did very well when the primetime Emmy nominations were announced this morning. So did Mad Men, The Good Wife, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Mildred Pierce Courtesy of HBO Here are the top categories: Best Drama Dexter...more

I love Kathy Bates and though I didn't catch "Harry's Law" I'll take your word that she was ...more

"Raising Hope" on Fox: The Mom as my Role Model

I responded to a question on a blog this morning (I put that blog's link below, it's a good one) about "role model" moms as characters on TV shows.  Here is my suggestion: This is going to be a really strange suggestion for a female 'role model' - I'm even thinking it's strange, but here goes...  I really appreciate the mom on "Raising Hope", that really crude new show on Fox.  (that I watch)   Here's what I appreciate about that mom, in no particular order:   1.  She loves and stands by her worthless husband.   ...more

Kids These Days And Some Women's History

In my 9th grade history class, I ended up on a group project with some other girls that was to be a mural entitled “A Century of Women: 1890-1990,” or something like that....more

"True Blood's" New Season Doesn't Suck

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, Stephen MoyerImage: Art Streiber/HBO...more

It's always worth giving it a try!



So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 20 Give Me Deja Vu

Now this was the performance of the night. I was a little worried it would be gimmicky, what with the painted status effect. But it was a lovely lovely routine, executed so perfectly. And emotional, unique. It deserved the raves it go....more

No one sent home? But two next week? I mean, is it going to get any easier?

I was pretty ...more