'Work It' Doesn't Appear To Actually Work

Sitcoms on TV, lately, are divided into two very distinct categories. On one hand, you have shows like 30Rock and Parks and Recreation, which represent a very high-brow, accomplished sense of comedy. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that 30Rock (thankfully returning to regular rotation this month) revolutionalized modern comedy. I mean- think about the last half-decent show you watched with a laugh track....more

Christmas TV Special Nostalgia

Does anyone else miss the good ol’ days of the exciting “Christmas Specials” on TV? You know, back when holiday programs were actually SPECIAL because they only ran once a year – so if you missed them, you were out of luck? I sure do! I can still hear the drums and trumpets from the CBS Special Presentation intro in my head, and picture that swirling seventies logo that signaled that something wonderful and out-of-the-ordinary was about to happen....more
I think there is a difference in the quality of some Christmas shows they are producing and the ...more

I Think I Figured Out My Husband, Maybe

As she watched the grin grow on her husband's face, it slowly dawned on her that he was not just pleased with how his home theater had turned out. That grin signified much more. His face declared "I won! I got what I wanted!" What did he want? It took her a home redecorating spree to figure it out. ...more
i love it!more

TV: Bah!

The other night, during a heated game of Dominoes, a friend mentioned something he had heard on Bill O'Reilly's TV show. I said I had never watched it. He looked appalled, and stated that I didn't know what was going on in the world. I may not understand what's going on in the world, but I try to stay informed. I don't watch Oprah, either, so it's not a personal aversion to O'Reilly. More of an aversion to TV, since we grew up without it and I never got the habit....more

American Horror Story - The Show I Swore I Was NEVER Going to Watch

Two of my all time favorite show were Twin Peaks and The X-Files.  I will be the first to admit that it was in part do to the fact that I had giant crushes on the male leads in both shows (Kyle McLaughlin and David Duchovny) but another "draw" to both of the shows was that they were about things that couldn't easily be explained. ...more

"Revenge" and "Ringer": Similar Shows, Solid Entertainment

Two new fall TV dramas, Revenge and Ringer, have become regular fixtures in my TV viewing calendar. And since both have been landing solid ratings each week, I was glad to hear they've each been picked up for full seasons.Image Courtesy: CW...more
I actually don't mind that "Revenge" feels like it might run out of people for Emily to take ...more

Take Flight with Pan Am on ABC

I was kind of excited for the premiere of Pan Am on ABC last night because I've been hearing so much about it lately I wanted to see if it lived up to its hype. But unfortunately, any show that's set in the 1960's now is obviously going to be compared to Mad Men, but Pan Am is really so different. Well, I guess it's not completely different, as it does focus on a "career" driven set of women in 1963 -- "a new breed of women," to quote the show. But I liked it nonetheless. What Pan Am has that Mad Men doesn't is adventure and espionage and international travel, giving it a little more of an edge. ...more
Interesting comment from Magtaf. Here are two posts I wrote about the program. And you are ...more

Memorable Moments from the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards

It was a night of expected (cringe worthy musical numbers) and unexpected (Charlie Sheen clear eyed and sober...wait, what?).  It was the best award ceremony ever for women who are not size 2 and men who are not 6'2.  It had laughs  from hilarious host Jane Lynch, and tears for those actors who are no longer with us as Leonard Cohen's hypnotic anthem "Hallelujah" was sung in the back ground. The 63rd Annual Emmy Award ceremony aired on FOX Sunday night and it had something for everyone, including a large infusion of Ho...more
I can't vote on this one, I didn't see the Emmy Awards. Actually, I haven't seen the Emmy Awards ...more

TLC - The P.T. Barnum of Cable Television