So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 20 Give Me Deja Vu

Now this was the performance of the night. I was a little worried it would be gimmicky, what with the painted status effect. But it was a lovely lovely routine, executed so perfectly. And emotional, unique. It deserved the raves it go....more

No one sent home? But two next week? I mean, is it going to get any easier?

I was pretty ...more

"Game of Thrones" Plays for Keeps (**Major Spoilers**)

After Sunday night's episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Twitter and Facebook lit up with the outrage of faithful viewers because the main character, Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean, pictured below), a man of truth and honor, was summarily beheaded at the whim of a petulant and illegitimate, teen king, Joffrey Lannister.I was watching the Tony Awards and didn't get to see "Game of Thrones" until a repeat showing later in the evening and luckily didn't read any spoilers.Good thing too, because I loved it!...more
 @cobalt91 I actually read the first book after Season 1, and liked it.  I'm waiting until ...more

The train wreck you can't turn away from!

So I did survive the dentist yesterday (barely).  Three minor cavities and lots of drilling.  No fun at all.  Once the Husband and I had made our way home from our respective appointments, we went out to enjoy the weather on the St....more

Hah. I can relate. Before you make it a goal to walk out with them owing you money, you should ...more

NBA Finals 2011 Live Online TV Entertainment Analysis

Mom Anna Fe wants to discuss the game relating it to TV because as a wife, she also loves basketball as a household entertainment. That’s why today she’s here to give us an analysis of this game....more

I'm sorry I commented, the game is just to hot. I love this game!more

The Lazy Days of Summer

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, a time to celebrate those who have served our country, spend time with family, barbeque, and hit the pool for the first time. For me, it has always marked the beginning of summer....more

Why I'll Miss "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

The Oprah Winfrey Show is over and I've used up the last of Kleenex. Before watching the show, I had all kinds of things I planned to say about why I’ll miss Oprah’s daily hour of love, laughter, pathos, confession, inspiration and enlightenment. But what I wanted to write changed after watching the show....more

You're right, for someone who didn't have children, Oprah was smart enough to remember that a ...more

"I was a fat kid" by Molly Jong-Fast

     I was a fat kid.  ...more


BACKSTAGE AT THE MARTHA STEWART SHOWby Tracey You want to go backstage to the  taping of a live TV show? Well, I don’t think I could show you a better situation than The Martha Stewart Show.  ...more

Nocturnal TV Viewing

The worse thing about insomnia is that you can’t sleep.  And when you can’t sleep and everyone else in the house can, you have few options.  Clunk around and annoy them into joining your insomniac activities or doing something sedentary.  Groggy, frustrated over not sleeping sedentary wins over clunking. As husband cannot sleep with my reading light on, but can sleep if I have the TV on, TV wins.  It must have been about 3:00 am.  I am not exactly entranced by balding men, weight loss or get rich quick schemes, I don't want to buy jewelry so I am left w...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top Nine

"Classical" Night: Without lyrics, turns out a lot of stars are pretty lost.This week was Classical Week, meaning full orchestra and classical music pieces. Which oddly everyone seemed to think provided no beat or rhythm...despite the existence of an actual percussion section and a traditional drum set. Turns out most people learn choreography to lyrics, preferably English lyrics they can sing along to, not fancy pants opera lyrics in foreign tongues....more

Ok i googled it enough times, someone clue me in, what are spatula hands?more