BACKSTAGE AT THE MARTHA STEWART SHOWby Tracey You want to go backstage to the  taping of a live TV show? Well, I don’t think I could show you a better situation than The Martha Stewart Show.  ...more

Nocturnal TV Viewing

The worse thing about insomnia is that you can’t sleep.  And when you can’t sleep and everyone else in the house can, you have few options.  Clunk around and annoy them into joining your insomniac activities or doing something sedentary.  Groggy, frustrated over not sleeping sedentary wins over clunking. As husband cannot sleep with my reading light on, but can sleep if I have the TV on, TV wins.  It must have been about 3:00 am.  I am not exactly entranced by balding men, weight loss or get rich quick schemes, I don't want to buy jewelry so I am left w...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top Nine

"Classical" Night: Without lyrics, turns out a lot of stars are pretty lost.This week was Classical Week, meaning full orchestra and classical music pieces. Which oddly everyone seemed to think provided no beat or rhythm...despite the existence of an actual percussion section and a traditional drum set. Turns out most people learn choreography to lyrics, preferably English lyrics they can sing along to, not fancy pants opera lyrics in foreign tongues....more

Ok i googled it enough times, someone clue me in, what are spatula hands?more

TLC's Extreme Couponing

The first episode of TLC's "Extreme Couponing" premiered tonight and I actually just finished watching it.  I'm not really sure if I liked it or not, I guess I felt like it was missing something. So okay, I've seen women clip coupons and extreme shop.  And it's impressive, don't get me wrong.  But how many times can you watch basically the same thing?  I hope the show branches out a bit and has tutorials, information and how couponing varies from state to state, which state has the best deals, and even maybe how women can network together and swap coupons they do...more

Lucy Writes a Novel


But I don't have time to sort through clutter...

“When do I find the time?” “By the time the kids go to bed, I'm exhausted!” “I need to tidy up first before I get organized.” “Where do I start?” I hear ya! One of the last things I want to do after the kids' bedtime is tidy up the toys the kids left on the floor, let alone spend hours decluttering. All I want to do is sit down and watch TV or on some days, just go to bed!   One of the things I do is “use” my TV time....more

Reality of Life

Once again, I am reminded that we are raising a generation of whiners.  On the news today, they are talking about the complaints coming from recent SAT-takers that a question was not appropriate or fair or something like that.  Apparently, there was a question on the SAT asking respondents to write about whether or not reality television is "harmful".  The examinees' beef is that they could not eloquently respond to this question because they are too busy studying for their exams, the highly motivated scholars that they are, to have time for watching reality TV....more

Want to Go to Paris? Don't Have a Kid.

Commericials are so ridiculous in general that the one I saw last night hardly even bears mention, but it stuck with me, not only for it's blatant exclusionary tactics (which, in a commercial, where your audience is women, and a large percentage of that audience, would, by nature of things, have children, can't be a particularly clever thing to do), but also for its sheer length.So, after my babies were tucked away in their beds, most definitely not sleeping, laughter and shouts erupting from the room every few minutes, and every few minutes more, a plantiff plea: "Mommy?  Mooo...more

How "The Big Bang Theory" Renewed My Faith in Sitcoms

These days The Big Bang Theory might be referred to as "one of the other Chuck Lorre shows on CBS that never starred Charlie Sheen." But it's got a lot more going for it than that. ...more
Better late than never! Can I just tell you I'm like addicted to "Big Bang Theory" right now? ...more

Sewing tutorial: A pillow for remote controls

Like many other Americans, by living room has been taken over by remote controls. Some I know how to use, and others I do not. It happens once per night that my husband asks, "Linds, have you seen the _____ remote?" It's not long 'til I'm bending over, digging in between couch cushions or looking under the shaggy rug for one of the remotes. Enter, the remote control pillow....more