Want to Go to Paris? Don't Have a Kid.

Commericials are so ridiculous in general that the one I saw last night hardly even bears mention, but it stuck with me, not only for it's blatant exclusionary tactics (which, in a commercial, where your audience is women, and a large percentage of that audience, would, by nature of things, have children, can't be a particularly clever thing to do), but also for its sheer length.So, after my babies were tucked away in their beds, most definitely not sleeping, laughter and shouts erupting from the room every few minutes, and every few minutes more, a plantiff plea: "Mommy?  Mooo...more

How "The Big Bang Theory" Renewed My Faith in Sitcoms

These days The Big Bang Theory might be referred to as "one of the other Chuck Lorre shows on CBS that never starred Charlie Sheen." But it's got a lot more going for it than that. ...more
Better late than never! Can I just tell you I'm like addicted to "Big Bang Theory" right now? ...more

Sewing tutorial: A pillow for remote controls

Like many other Americans, by living room has been taken over by remote controls. Some I know how to use, and others I do not. It happens once per night that my husband asks, "Linds, have you seen the _____ remote?" It's not long 'til I'm bending over, digging in between couch cushions or looking under the shaggy rug for one of the remotes. Enter, the remote control pillow....more

The Oscars that really count – and that you want to read about

While everybody is getting ready for the Oscar night, I have decided to do something different this year. (read more)From elenasc.wordpress.com...more

Shedding for the Wedding: Please Pass the Puke Bucket

I don't mind reality shows. I also don't mind weddings; my Grandma used to plan weddings and I have happy memories of helping her with little things while scouring the bridal magazines. I've been known to watch a few bridal reality shows, mainly because Grandma and I could call each other and dish. But Shedding for the Wedding? It's not my bridal shower tea party. ...more

It's so sad what weddings have become to most people.
I'm glad (my unhusband and I) have opted ...more

Right On, Kermie!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWE3uF9u9-g As a former television news producer, this clip of Kermit the Frog, reporter, never fails to crack me up. In it, he is at the scene of breaking news - an ongoing, live accident scene....more

The Life and Times of a Kasual Killpooler

I've finally figured out the guilty secret of us nanny, or 'stay at home' set. We are truely verklempt that our little charges are accusing us of over-scheduling them, in order to compete with Japan and now dang...China. No no no. We are upset that other caretakers have figured out that we aren't overtly uber nanny/ mommy. We just want to watch "Mr. Sunshine" in peace!...more

Some of my alleged fans have emailed me about the uneasy title of my posts. First: The change ...more

Courageous Journalism Allows Us to Get the Real News from Egypt

Imagine that one day you're watching CNN and a breaking news story comes on saying that Diane Sawyer, anchor of ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer, has suddenly quit.  In an interview, Sawyer says the reason she quit was because ABC was demanding, via the White House, that she read a story at the beginning of every newscast that says citizens are rioting in the streets of New York and the National Guard must be called in to restore order. The problem is the streets of New York are quiet. ...more

"Glee" is Back, Zombie Boot Camp Style!

Free from the constraints of silly tribute shows, finally the story line makes sense again. I mean, don't get me wrong, I perform a heavily choreographed Britney number in a mid-drift everytime I'm high at the dentist too, but, after Rachel butchered "Baby, One More Time," I'd had enough. Thankfully, the dog days are over, and we're back on track to finish out the season strong. Hide your tots and Journey mix tapes, folks, Glee is back!"...more

Madonna felt like it fit ok. But Britney, good God, did they tank that.

I say funny ...more