Five Questions Moms of Girls Should Be Prepared to Answer

Parenting is all about preparation. As long as you realize you’ll never be fully prepared.When kids are younger, preparation is always to make sure you can survive a two-hour trip out of your house. For me, that consisted of 14 diapers, seven bags of goldfish, three extra outfits, every first aid component ever made, toys, books, mats, drink boxes and a protein bar. My family could survive days on a desert island if needed....more

Middle School: Was it Middle Hell for you?

'Tis the season! Back to school pics abound on social media. And the memories flood in. By memories, I mean nightmares. Not all nightmares, but a few Middle School related ones. Oh Middle School.  Those were not the days. ~~~ How many guys have you gone with?The little spaceship in my head that travels back in time is being propelled even further back than high school.  I'm remembering MIDDLE SCHOOL!Dear G0d, make it stop.The only remedy, of course, is to write about it....more

The Best {Funniest!} Advice for Parents of Middle Schoolers

My oldest started middle school this week....more

Do your kids do homework right when they get home?

So my friend and I have very different parenting styles. It's partially because she only has one child (girl) and I have two (one of each).She makes her child do homework as soon as she walks in the door from school. I see that as cruel and unusual punishment and don't have my kids do it until after dinner. My theory is that kids need time to run around, have a snack, play with friends, etc. because they've been in school all day. Plus, I don't want them to miss what little sunshine is left by 4 p.m....more

Where your brain does math changes depending on age

According to new research from Stanford University Medical Center, your brain reorganizes itself as you age to do math from different regions.Young children: When learning basic arithmetic, young kids (say, under 8) start by counting on their fingersAround 8 years old: They start to shift from counting on their fingers to pulling math facts from memory. The hippocampus (which shapes new memories) is activated more. The prefrontal and parital cortex (involved in counting) were activated less....more

Why You Shouldn't Kill Your 12-Year-Old

By Eve @   ...more

The cause of your kid's concussion is partly due to where you live

Where I read the headline, "Research provides new insight into rural versus urban causes of childhood concussion," I thought for sure I knew what I'd be reading. I figured it was "kids in the country get sports concussions and kids in the city get it from abuse or accidents or something." WRONG.Researchers from Western University say that youth living in urban areas (cities) sugger concussions mostly from sports. And surprisingly, hockey accounts for 40% of those! (I would have guessed football.)...more

Dyslexia: Think Dyfferent.

Here is the public service announcement that runs in my head: My child does not write his letters backwards. My child excels in math. My child is the best speller out of my three children. My child is funny. My child works hard for his grades. My child can read. My child is kind. My child is a nationally ranked tennis player. My child is dyslexic. And, I love him. Dyslexia I love the apple slogan ( I wish I had thought of it): Think Different...more
While my son has ADHD, not dyslexia, this post is so timely! We just had a conversation today ...more

No, You Don't Need a North Face Jacket: Teaching My Kids Lessons About Brand Names

I posted something on Facebook about one of my twins saying "But all the kids in my school have one" in reference to wanting a North Face jacket the other day. The Sailor's exact response was, "I don't care if the other kids have Porsches, you're not getting one." We get the same line about all the other kids have iPhones... and here I questioned whether or not getting them basic cell phones was too obnoxious at this age. They can have an iPhone when they can pay their cell phone bill. ...more
I like what you did there, breaking down the price of the product into what I tend to call ...more

How Big is this Ship!

The way to Adanna room was filled with more turns than a mountainous highway. They had ridden several different elevators.“I hope you can get me out of here when the time is right.”  Adanna said trudging down the hallways. They reached room number 1423, on the fourteenth floor.The hallway was filled with people bustling around with trays and clothing. There were other girls her age walking from room to room giving her strange looks and whispering to one another....more