Sounds Like God has Given You an Opportunity to Pray for Your Kids

It’s 2am and I am finally sneaking out of my 2 year old twin’s bedroom. Knowing me, I probably silently cried myself to sleep on their floor while thinking “why won’t they just GO TO SLEEP?!”...more

10 Sharp Answers to the Most Annoying Mom of Twins Question Ever

"Are they natural?" I am a mother of identical twins. We are instant celebrities on such red carpets as the grocery store checkout aisle and the pediatrician's waiting room. ...more
This post has me laughing out loud. Especially since being a celebrity on the red carpet of the ...more

Congratulations, Mom! You're Having Twins

Dear Twin Mom-To-Be, When I found out I was having twins I was a little, oh…terrified. Maybe you felt the same? I hadn’t even considered the possibility of more than one child prior to that day, and the realization that I was going to have two babies felt immensely intimidating. ...more
loved!  sharing with a good friend who's currently pregnant with twins. :)more

10 Lessons I Learned from my Toddler Twins

At times they will drive you crazy. But raising toddler twins isn't all tantrums and food fights. They are also the most lovable, most adorable pudgy-cheeked little people at times. They will drive you bonkers, but you will treasure them and never want them to grow up.Here are 10 lessons I learned from my toddler twins....more

Terrified of Having Twins? Advice From a Twin Mom

There will be easy days and there will be hard days. How you respond to them makes all the difference. People will ask you what you want for baby showers and the like. Ask for gifts of meals, help around the house, or with holding babies so you can sleep or shower. And diapers. Trust me, you won’t regret it....more
Right?! People kept giving us 2 (even FOUR) of the same thing!more

My Twins Maternity Leave Story

At our first ultrasound, we never thought we’d hear the doctor say that we were expecting twins. Once we had some time to wrap our heads around this incredible and unexpected news, it was time to start thinking about how we were going to plan for their arrival....more

When You Meet Someone Who Also Lost a Twin Daughter

I recently became friends with a mother on my daughter’s cheerleading squad. There was an instant affinity between us, though we had little enough in common. She’s the mother of five; I have two. She works full time; I stay at home. She has an au pair (a real one, from a foreign country and everything); I don’t even know a neighborhood kid that I could call to babysit. But we bonded anyway, over the shrill yells, mistimed choreography, and the joy of watching our daughters be a part of a team. And one day, we bonded over something else. ...more
sunnysideshlee Thank for your kind words. I appreciate it.more

Abby’s Story Part 2: The Crazy Banshee gets 2 Sisters!

Of course, by this time I was a nursing pro.  I was worried about a lot of things in anticipation of the girls’ arrival, but breastfeeding wasn’t one of them.  When Norah and Cecily arrived at 35 weeks and landed themselves in the NICU, I started pumping like a lunatic.  I tracked everything in an app on my phone – it was a sorry excuse for cuddling my newborns but I was proud to see my production increase and when the bab...more

Tips for POTS {Parents of Twins}

The day is finally here when you make your appointment to confirm your pregnancy. Depending on your particular situation, you either have another follow up visit because your HCG levels are a bit higher than a normal singleton pregnancy or you simply have a normal visit and you learn you are not having one baby but TWO. Imagine the surprise when you digest the fact that you will be planning to have almost two of everything. ...more