Annie | 7:12 | English

A young girl finds a mysterious box at school. When she takes it home, she soon realizes she brought home more than an empty box. ...more

Lock Up | 3:35 | English

"Lock Up" - Short Horror from BLOODY CUTS on Vimeo....more

Six Romantic Places to visit in The UK for Literature Lovers

The United Kingdom has produced some of the most beautiful words ever written, by some of the most iconic and memorable Writers. It is no wonder therefore that there are so many corners of our little island touched by a literary hand. Our literature and places are intertwined in that we cannot help but envision a city, a village or a stretch of hillside through the eyes of the Writer’s who immortalised them within their work.  ...more

Travel Hacks: UK Edition

I’ve been to the U.K. four times now, studied and lived there for a term, have visited most of England, Scotland and Wales, and driven about 2,500 miles on the wrong side of the road, all in the last seven years. Therefore, I feel fairly qualified to give you some pointers about how to make your British travels a little simpler.First of all, just get your crying out of the way now, because the conversion from the dollar to pound sterling is going to depress you the entire time you’re away....more

Vintage Fashion Fairs - UK see, touch, smell vintage fashion So many of us buy online these days, it’s so easy and even cheap to have things shipped right to your door and all in the comfort of your own home. I do this myself alot and heck my own shop is based online so I am feeding into the online buying mania myself but when buying vintage there is nothing better then seeing pieces in person. Touching, smelling, taking in the true age of each and every bit of the item that you simply miss when looking at a picture on your screen....more

From One Newlywed to Another: Some Advice for Kate Middleton

After eight long years of waiting, Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement yesterday. Shocking almost no one on several continents with the news, the two had built up to the admission for weeks, and are planning to wed some time in the late spring or early summer of 2011 in a ceremony that is reputed to already be "bigger than Charles and Diana's." ...more

I was reading with genuine interest until you said that there's a possibility of them being ...more

Bombshell from Britain: Moms Can Work!

I first visited England in the early 90s when I was in business school, acutely aware of gender bias in the workplace and at home. I was struck -- astonished in fact -- by how openly disparaging British society is to women, particularly mothers. Particularly in comparison to the relative equality women enjoy in the United States. ...more

Very interesting article and writing to you from UK where I am a mum and work as a psychologist. ...more

2010 UK Elections: Hung Parliament and An Uncertain Future

Britain's parliamentary elections resulted in the first hung parliament since 1974, the Labour Party losing the majority it has held for 13 years and launching the messy political maneuvering necessary to forming a new government. ...more

As I noted above, agreement to election reform is crucial to winning the support of Liberal ...more