How to Choose the Best Family Tent

It is always important to know about how to choose the best family tent if your family loves to enjoy outdoor together. By choosing a perfect tent, you can make sure that your family can sleep comfortable enough in the rough wild. The comfortable tent will make the camping experience enjoyable for all family members. Besides, you also can relax and store kinds of camping gears well inside the tent.Renting or Borrowing the Tent...more


You'll find two level of answers of why people travel. The first is probably the most obvious one the reason we quote to others and present ourselves. We travel to ensure that we learn more about the world, know more about different cultures, attend activities and are able to see views....more

3 Tips to get healthy life with long vacation

Today almost every working professional goes through a lot of stress. Life’s of people residing in big cities all over the world have become so hectic that they are just not able to find any leisure and relaxation. This is resulting in a lot of illness and health issues. A perfect solution to this problem is that people take timely breaks from their work routine and ensure that they get required relaxation....more

When Sisters Say Screw Holidays and Vacation Instead

  Dear mama friends, How many times have you seriously entered a sweepstakes through your email for that 7 Night, 6 Day Cruise to Nowhere in hopes that you might win because the actual thought of purchasing a trip makes you sad. It makes you sad because prior to having children, you were a travelin' fool. You went everywhere, anytime and have some insanely crazy pictures to prove it. You saw the world- sometimes on a budget, sometimes in the lap of luxury and sometimes broke for months because it was totally worth flying to Vegas for the weekend with the girls. ...more

All those vacation days...gone

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing group of people who report into me at work. But I am on their case right now: I want them to take some time off. I'm asking them to look at their calendars from now until the end of the year and plug in the days they want off. I am not worried about being understaffed over the holidays or about them taking days all at once - I am worried that they will not use their vacation days at all....more

Vacationing at home

My son wants to know when we are going on vacation again. It is a subject he is highly interested in as of late. It may be because we've had some really memorable ones as a family and he wants to recreate the adventure, but my guess is that he just wants a break from school....more

Sonoma Weekend Getaway: By Jen Oliak

When you get away with your love, where do you go? I think Sonoma is the perfect weekend getaway sans kids. It's also a great place to meet up with friends....more

My Husband and I Travel Differently

My husband has always been happy to stay at a Motel 8. He wasn’t particular about which hotel I picked as long as it was affordable and didn’t have bed bugs. I, on the other hand, while not exactly a Prima Donna, confess to being a touch of the Princess and the Pea. (Or more like the Russian Girl and a Breadcrumb.) ...more

Discovering NYC's Chelsea High Line

Walking The Chelsea High LineNew York is a city that has always been on the cutting edge of fashion, culture, business and more.  It has also been a city well known for its dedication to creating and preserving some of the most tranquil and spectacular public green spaces.  In a city that thrives on the hustle and bustle of its fast paced lifestyle, having these little oases tucked into the crevices of its concrete jungle, gives residents and visitors alike a place to relax, unwind and enjoy life....more