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NaBloPoMo: Please Don't Send Me THERE

Please don’t send me to Las Vegas, Nevada. I have nothing against Las Vegas nor do I have anything against Nevada. I’m sure people enjoy themselves very much in Las Vegas. However, I am not a gambler, don’t enjoy the accoutrements of most resort casinos, and neon strobe lights tend to make me dizzy. To me, there is something a little too seedy; a little too decadent; a little too corrupt about the place. Yes, I know, there are wonderful shows and shopping. But, I really don’t need anything more than I have (I might want it, but I certainly don’t need it)....more
jayhawkmommy Well, I can see going horseback riding and communing with nature but it seems to me ...more

Vacation. Not There!

Friday’s prompt asks where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?Vacation. I’ve heard of that, I’ve even done that a time or two, but it’s been awhile. Weekend getaways are sort of my vacations anymore, but this is the blogosphere and I can go on a vacation anytime I want, to anywhere, without restrictions (you can too). Let that sink in.Go ahead, I’ll wait.Time off at work doesn’t matter…Money doesn’t matter…(we’ll charge the blogosphere)...more
patriciaappelquist Wouldn't that be super?! I'll take everyone on that card. ;)more

Walt Disney World Really WAS the Most Magical Place on Earth for Our Family

It took several months of deciding and then we finally planned a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL....more

Why Should We Buy a Vacation Home?

There are some people who don’t like going on vacation because of the trouble of finding the perfect accommodation. Whether you like going to the mountains, to the sea or simply finding a quiet place and relaxing between beautiful hills, it’s always soothing getting away from daily stress and problems.Have you ever thought of buying a vacation home? Buying a vacation house: the advantages...more
Lucy in France Lucy, it sounds like a lovely place. It is amazing how something can become such ...more

The Monterey Peninsula Luxury Vacation Giveaway Launches

Known as “The Lifestyle Guide To Being Fabulous”, the upbeat, contemporary lifestyle website, Inspirations & Celebrations, is partnering with several renowned, award-winning businesses on the Monterey Peninsula (in California), including: InterCo ...more

Step Out of the Office: 7 Most Relaxing Overseas Vacations

It's Monday, and your overbearing boss is at it again. Projects are stacking up, and coworkers are of little use. There are a lot of things at work that can begin to burn you out. That's why vacations are so important.A relaxing vacation can melt away work-related stress, clear your mind, and improve the quality of your life. If you need to get away from the rigors of the average workday, then step out of the office and consider these seven most relaxing overseas vacations....more

I took a vacation from social media


Mommy Needs A Getaway Giveaway

 Mommy Needs A Getaway Giveaway All mommies need a break! Wouldn’t it be great to have a vacation? Get your entries in. ...more

Time Off?

As I prep to take a mini vacation out of the area I thought about September and my blog. I was very tempted to ask for the month off from blogging and promptly return October 1st. Yet, after doing some two thousand posts I feel I am already cheating my favorite Google Bot by posting about events happening with nonprofits I support. Can you be a real blogger and take time off ? Probably, but why do you need time away from posting information you would readily share in the grocery store line? ...more