4 Tips That Will Help You Go Green On Vacation

Going on vacation isn’t quite the same as it used to be. Yes, you can still go somewhere new, relax, and enjoy yourself....more

Stressing out right after your vacation

I think by now, most Americans realize they don't take enough vacation. There are plenty of stories out there telling us we don't use all our vacation time, and polls measuring how many people are going to take a vacation this year and even reminders that vacations actually boost productivity in employees when they return to work....more

No Thank You, Snorkeling

I’ve snorkeled about a dozen times in my life, in some of the world's most majestic and sought after underwater locales. It’s cool - ish. ...more

My "Best Day Ever" is Today

I’ve been trying to #RetrainMyBrain to focus on now. Focus on this moment. I try to make every moment of my life count (whatever that means) and am perpetually checking in, validating whether I did enough in each moment. Did I successfully seize the day? ...more

The Joy of Revisiting the Same Vacation Spots

I’ve been to Hawaii three times, St. Martin, three times, Tulum, two times, and there’s more. I’ve been to Disney World five times, I’ve been to the South of France three times and Paris three times. I’ve been to London twice and California dozens of times. ...more

I Love Hawaii

Hawaii is Mother Nature’s candy shop. Its vistas are unparalleled. Orchids grow like dandelions and trees line the roads like a box of crayons. If the flowers don’t lure you in closer, the mysterious fruit and nut clusters will: wild berries, mangoes, bananas, coconuts, grouped in bundles, camouflaged in multicolored leaves. The blue of the ocean is the kind they call azure. ...more

What's a vacation?

An artist friend of mine had me over one day and we were sitting in his studio talking. He asked what I had been up to."I'm just working so much, I need a vacation.""...what's a vacation?" ...more

Go to Costa Rica! My review on Arenal, Monteverde & Manuel Antonio: By Jen Oliak

Are you ready to get a bird's-eye view of some popular vacation sites in Costa Rica?  The unspoiled beaches, volcanoes, lush vegetation, wildlife, great weather and delicious food are just some of the reasons to go to Costa Rica....more

Vacations With Kids

Sitting on the beach one morning I observed the big group of people gathered next to our family. A circle of sand chairs surrounded half a dozen coolers with shade provided by umbrellas dotted the scene. Adults and children intermingled, making sand castles, building a retaining wall to hold back the impending rising tide and occasionally braving the frigid water to take a dip or ride the waves. A grandpa ambled through the bunch photographing smiling moms and laughing children covered in sand....more