Sandcastle Therapy

 Every now and then, you need to stop and build a sandcastle. I mean, just stop, get down in the sand with a child, and build a sandcastle....more

Off for the Summer

Next week my husband and I will head north to Pennsylvania. We have a little cabin in the woods and on a small lake. The cabin was built by my grandfather and father and uncle in the 1920's. We have adding a few modernizations, but it is still it's rustic self. We see many wild animals while we are there. I will write about sighting in future blogs. This is a place I have been to every year of my life except one. I know every tree and every path. I love the woods and this place is a spiritual home for me. I can rest deeply there and get in touch with nature and God....more
Nice! Can't wait ....more

We Interrupt This Vacation

We interrupt this vacation with a few snapshots:Remember this clematis on the ground, well look at it now!...more
Wonderful! It looks a beautiful vacation!more

Vacation Time

It's time...later gators... ...more
Enjoy! I think I would like a hammock for my backyard :)more

Vacation, Well Maybe

I love that kind of vacation. :) more


It's time for some R & R with a Mommy-cation! If you find yourself needing a break, read below to see if this would work for ...more

We Missed our Flight

I knew we were in trouble the moment hubster woke me up.  First off, I looked up at the clock and saw it was 3:45 and I said "honey why 3:45?" and he said it's not 3:45 its 5:45.  So I jumped out of bed and hopped into the shower thinking we are never going to make it to the airport on time. Our outbound flight to Atlanta was at 7:45 and theorectically we should have been driving to the airport at 5:45.  ...more
I've just now read this post, Karen, but I have no doubt you made it to Puerto Rico, and have ...more

When The Childless Do Disney!

What happens when a young couple without children choose Disney for their Adult Vacation?My boyfriend and I headed to Disney for a few days to take in the magic at The Happiest Place On Earth and loved it! I hadn't been since I was a kid and he had never been before! I couldn't believe how tech savvy everything in the parks had become, it was a wild ride for us as adults and I can only imagine what a blast it must be for little ones in tow. ...more

Vacation Deals: Four Easy Ways to Save on Airfare

 As fuel prices rise, it is nice to know how you can cut your travel costs when you purchase your vacation flights. According to travel experts — and others — the cheapest days to fly and best time to buy airline tickets are base on a few simple rules....more

Turn off & tune in

 This week has been awesome. The weather has been amazing, the tot has been well behaved (as well as the adults), and even with the itty-bit of bad weather, there's been fun things to do. We've been here before, which really makes it feel like we're hangin' at our beach house. Along with some serious beach time, there has been some extra-long walks around town and along the boardwalk.Not much time for chatting on Twitter or posting on Facebook....more