Choosing to Spend Your Money on Travel

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Favorite Airline Rewards: Alaska Air

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Complete Guide to the Washington DC Metro

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my guide to the Washington DC metro system. The metro in DC is one of the easier to handle subway systems in the US, so I wrote a guide on how to get a metro card and use it!...more

New York Travel Tips

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East Coast Trip: Day 9

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Trip Plans #2: Calgary, Canada

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10 things mom wants this Christmas

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East Coast Trip: Day 7

I recently traveled to the east coast for Thanksgiving break and I spent most the days in Washington DC, and two days in New York. Day 7 was spent roaming Central Park, getting gluten free muffins and spending time at the top of the rock....more

Top 8 Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway

For couples who have been together for decades, or those who are ready to take their first vacation together, romantic getaways are the ideal choice: fun, relaxing, and sensual. However, several things can potentially go wrong on your trip.Learning how to expect the best while planning for the worst will leave you and your partner with peace of mind.Tips for making the most of your trip...more

Shattered Glass and the Kindness of Strangers Caring Heart