Refusing to Vaccinate Leads to Outbreaks

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. I get it. The decision to vaccinate yourself or your child is a contentious subject. Stacy Morrison's post at the beginning of the month (or more specifically the comments it generated) proved that point. This conversation is important and the facts are important - even if it isn't (in some circles) popular. The comments section got very heated, and I think Stacy did a fantastic job of staying above the fray without backing down on her stance. ...more
Hi Jordan - thank you for sharing! I'm sorry that your daughter had a bad reaction to vaccines. ...more

Why I Vaccinate My Children

My youngest, Baby Y, had his four-month well-baby checkup today. He weighed in at a healthy 18 pounds even and was a robust 26.75 inches long. At four months, he is rivaling his three brothers for size and chunkiness. Four months also meant a second round of vaccinations for my little one. He needed rotavirus, which is administered orally, as well as shots for hepatitis B, Hib, pneumococcal, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and polio. (Some were combined, so it was three shots total.) He didn't even react when the first shot was given and cried briefly after the third. He slept for a few hours and is now playing happily, like nothing happened. ...more
Huge problem in CA now with some daycare centers running at 35% unvaccinated. I don't think the ...more

Vaccination: Today's Dirty Word

It seems that these days, in some circles, vaccination is a dirty word. I’ve been reading parenting forums for just about as long as I’ve been a nanny, and the accusations that fly back and forth are almost sickening. You apparently can’t be a good parent if you vaccinate. You can’t be one if you don’t vaccinate. There are never any excuses not to vaccinate. There are never any excuses to vaccinate. It goes on and on, and honestly, it leaves me scratching my head. How did a public health initiative that saved millions of lives turn into this?...more

Opting out of vaccines is a risky numbers game–just ask my son

Parents of school-age kids today probably never witnessed a whooping cough outbreak or the measles because they were lucky enough to have lived in a generation of vaccinated kids. But this luxury of good health could slip away all too quickly as more and more families opt out of routine vaccinations.If you want to look at the hard facts, the good health of our kids today depends on a numbers game. ...more
@KarenLynnn Thanks for your comment KarenLynnn. I agree about the worrying about the risk. Our ...more

The Vaccinate Debate

Do you vaccinate your kids? I do, and I'll tell you why. Because I don't want my children out and about in a world where they could easily catch a deadly disease. A deadly disease that we have a means to fight. A deadly disease that I could immunize them against. It's like having an antidote right at my fingertips. ...more

How To Find The Cause Of Peanut Allergy In Babies

I'm a mom.  And I know my kid.   With so much information available, parents are left to wonder about the cause of a child's peanut allergy. Are they born with it? Does something in the environment cause it?   I have found a way for parents to be able to find an answer.   My discovery was a fluke!...more
I want to preface my comment by stating that I am a registered nurse. The first time an allergen ...more

The Pertussis Epidemic and the Anti-Vaccination Movement

These notices should shock you, too -- into action, into calling your pediatrician to make sure your kids are up-to-date on their pertussis vaccinations; into calling your own doctor to make sure you're up-to-date, and getting a Tdap booster if you need it. In other words, into taking pertussis seriously. ...more
UsernameNAB thinkingautism Promoting faux autism therapies sold by charlatans under the label ...more