What’s a $500 painting worth?

I was trying to talk one of my VIP clients into charging $500 + shipping for her painting.She wrote back to me, “OMG, $500???? Really? They’re only 24″ X 24. You think?”Yes.By Elisabeth Hoffman...more

Nice is not a four-letter word

In a former job, I used to have a mean boss. The kind of boss who would tear you down in public, make you feel worthless and mock you if you went to your car during lunch to have a little cry. My coworkers and I became adept at figuring out her triggers and avoiding them wherever possible. Some days we spent more time at work analyzing how she would react to something than doing our jobs. That was the least productive I've ever been....more

Be Kind To Yourself

Mike Robbins...more


There is a popular television commercial where people with mounting issues press an "Easy Button" and all their problems just vanish. There are so many days in my life I wish a big red button named Easy would show up to provide relief....more

NaBloPoMo: Does Navel Gazing Generate Energy?

Today’s topic is self-generated after reading a little online dialogue about the impact/value/merit of the NaBloPoMo exercise.The question seems to be – does a writing exercise that may generate somewhat banal content have merit – does the content generated count for anything beyond the original experiential benefit of creating it?...more

Review of the Swiffer Sweeper: Hype, not Clean

We've all seen the commercials for Swiffer products.  They promise us cheap, quick, effective cleaning that enable us to spend more time doing the things we would rather do. These advertisements are so pervasive that a couple of weeks ago I succumbed, especially thanks to a coupon in the local Sunday paper.  I was halfway through my move to my new apartment in Johnstown and needed some sort of cleaning tool for the everyday stuff. ...more

Is It Gender?

Wow!!  Last Thursday's post definitely resonated with my female readers.  If you missed it, you can read it here:  Value.With an exception or two, the feedback I received was from women.  Why?  Is feeling under-valued strictly a feminine condition?  I don't think that's it entirely.  Or is it that women take more time to examine their feelings in these situations?  That may be part of it....more


I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend and it made me think of the value we place on the people in our lives.  It also reminded me of a statement I heard while watching "Hoarders".  The psychologist on the show said that a collection is something you value and take care to preserve...otherwise, it's just stuff....more

Just Because You're You

About a year or so ago I started playing a game with my two girls, Samantha (our six year old) and Rosie (our three and a half year old). The game goes like this; I ask each one of them, “How much does daddy love you?” They respond by putting one or both of their arms up into the air as high as they can and say, “This much.” Then I say, “That’s right! And how come I love you so much?” To which they say, “Just because I’m me!”...more

“Living Wide Awake™” Being In the Right Place at the Right Time 3-30-12

While today may seem quiet, the course of the day will flow smoothly as long as compromise is achieved in your interactions.Partnerships being the focal point, and keeping future benefits in mind, your hard work will begin paying off.Progress with most business circumstances is coming provided responsibilities are managed appropriately.Opposing Energies: unconsciousness, oppositional, irresponsibleThis period of sudden breakthroughs for material gain and rewards for efforts made, is a delightful move in the right direction....more