Review: Healing the Vegan Way by Mark Reinfeld

Described by Publishers Weekly as the "male equivalent to a vegan Rachel Ray" Mark Reinfeld has 20 years of experience preparing creative vegan and raw cuisine and has authored or co-authored 6 cookbooks....more

Asian 'Chicken' Burger

  Ingredients:1 package of Beyond Meat Grillers1 tbl Chicken-less flavor1/3 cup water1 orange bell pepper, chopped...more

Perfect vegan brownies

Perfect Vegan BrowniesRecipe in Spanish and English ...more

Vegan 7 Layer Dip

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

Best of July - Recipes in Review

BreakfastSad to say, my garden isn't doing so well this summer.  Between the heat and the challenges of bending with my growing baby bump, I haven't done a great job of keeping up with it.  However, a few friends have shared their fabulous produce which has included massive zucchini!  So I made extra large batches of Zucchini Bread Oatmeal to enjoy throughout the week.  In place of brown sugar I used sucanat and omitted the butter, which was perfect for my taste....more

Soyrizo and Nopales Tacos

    Creating dishes with whatever you have in the kitchen can sometimes create amazing things. These simple tacos are super tasty and unique in flavor!...more

Best of June - Recipes in Review

Apparently my disinterest in salads didn't last long and how could it when you stumble upon this Epic Plant-Powered Chopped Salad by Ashley at Blissful Basil.  The Creamy Basil Ranch Dressing was absolutely delicious!  Next time I'll definitely make a double batch and enjoy it on salads all week long....more

Growing Your Own Food is Easy!

I am not a farmer. I don’t have a green thumb. The only color on my thumb is hot pink nail polish.See?But even I, the sometimes fussy glamour-puss, can grow food....more

Fried Tofu With Thai Special Sauce

Fried Tofu With Thai Special Sauce is a spicy and delicious, flavorful dish that can be served with steamed rice for lunch or dinner. The recipe is vegan and gluten free....more