Post-Baby Food Prep (or Freezer Meals for Anyone!)

With our little girl's due date just 7 weeks away (feels like it will be an eternity and the blink of an eye at the same time!) I'm doing some serious planning ahead.  I've never been the master of transitions and with this being our first child I know its going to be a big one.  While I can't prepare for everything, there are simple things I can have planned to make the transition a bit easier, including nourishing meals stocked in the freezer and a list of recipes that are manageable once we get the hang of things....more

Beet Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Are you on the Smoothie Bowl bandwagon? If not, grab your blender and climb aboard! These beautiful bowls take smoothie creation to the next level of food art, and since I am a smoothie junkie, creating epic jazzed-up smoothies in giant bowls makes me shimmy with glee. For those of you wondering what the heck is a Smoothie Bowl, read on dear friends read on.  ...more

Best of May - Recipes in Review

BreakfastWhen warm weather arrives I  start making Overnight Oat Parfaits like a mad woman.  I have a new creation nearly every morning, except when I'm enjoying some Easy Vegan and Gluten-free Pancakes on the weekend with my hubby....more

Calcium - The Best Source for Your Bones

Is dairy the best way to obtain calcium?  Many people believe so, however, obtaining calcium is more than simply how many milligrams we consume daily.  How much you consume isn’t necessarily the issue, rather how much you absorb. Many factors influence calcium absorption, including age, the amount of calcium you require, amount consumed, and other compounds that accompany it when consumed....more

Refreshing Warm Weather Side Dishes

As the warm weather arrives its time to ditch the soup (as much as I love a big bowl of it!) and be nourished by refreshing favorites to keep you cool and your tastebuds dancing.  As challenging as it can be to stick to your health goals in the winter when you're stuck inside and your calendar is bombarded with holiday parties, it can be just as challenging in the summer when popsicles, ice cream, and cookouts are constantly calling your name....more

Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes with Cookie Butter Frosting

I’m back! Sorry for the month-long hiatus, things got cu-raa-zy. New job, drastic new commute, fun new obligations, super-fun new sickness. Yeaaaaaah. I had a slow buildup of a cold for about a week and then I woke up one morning and BAM – full fledged flu. So, I’ve been a pathetic ball of mucus for a bit and who wants baked goods covered in germs? Not I, and (I would assume) not you, either!...more

Shop Smart! 4 Tips for Reading Food Labels

The grocery store can be overwhelming!  You desire to purchase healthful foods, yet are bombarded by advertising that pulls you in different directions.  Below you’ll find my top 4 considerations when selecting a packaged item for purchase....more

Creamy mushroom penne with thyme crusted tofu

This post first appeared on Spice Box of Earth blog. ...more

Vegan Wild Rice Skillet Paella

This post first appeared on Spice Box of Earth vegan blog. ...more

Choc-coated cookie dough bliss balls

  Cookie dough would have to be one of my favourite treats. It was always my mix-in at Cold Rock Ice Creamery when I was a kid, and these days I can never go past Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream. ...more