Instant Berry Ice Cream Vegan/Paleo

This recipe could not be any more Pure + Simple! Low Carb, No Sugar-Added, Instant Ice Cream ready in minutes! This is my favorite late night treat this week. And just wait until you try the instant "Magic Shell" to make a full sundae. ...more

How to Bake This Seriously Easy Rustic Savory Uber Crusty Olive/Jalapeno/Garlic Bread

This is bread heaven.Crusty golden on the outside, chewy texture studded with olives, jalpenos, and garlic on the inside.OK, listen to me. There is NO reason why you can’t recreate this masterpiece of textures and mouthwatering goodness.If you think baking bread is beyond your skill set, think again....more

Raw Zucchini with Avocado Basil Sauce

Raw Zucchini with Avocado Basil SauceYeah, my evening shift at work tonight was cancelled due to freezing rain and snow! Tuesdays I work until 9pm which doesn’t allow much time to make a full recipe. I make my husband Philip tend for himself and the kids. That usually means Pasta and a jar of sauce. I don’t eat store bought pasta or sauce because I prefer raw zucchini pasta, oh so yummy. So it was a perfect night for a quick bowl of Raw Zucchini with Avocado Basil Sauce, no cooking needed!...more

Chocolate Tofu Pie

Chocolate Pie, does it get any better than this? If you ask my husband, he’d tell you no. This chocolate pie recipe is a bit different, it has a twist. It’s moo-less. What’s moo-less you ask?  No dairy. In fact this pie is completely vegan, because…wait for it…it’s made with tofu.Gasp! Tofu?!Yes, tofu....more

Use Your Panini Grill to Make Tofu Exciting!


Vegan Carrot and Apple Muffins

If you are experiencing a chocolate-induced hangover from the holiday weekend, may I recommend these Vegan Carrot and Apple muffins from the Thug Kitchen cookbook? They are the perfect breakfast/snack/healthy dessert that is loaded with fruits and veggies and low in sugar....more

Date, Apple and Walnut Loaf

Date, Apple and Walnut LoafThe sky was so clear last night, I’ve never seen so many stars scattered across the night-time curtain of dark blue. Then, when the sun rose, there was a crisp, silver blanket spread over the city. Blades of grass turned into silver swords, puddles into mirror like circles. The mist sitting so heavily along the canal. The first frost of winter.The condensation on the inside of our boat’s windows had frozen, and we could see our breath, it was so cold. Thankfully we have a brilliant wood burner, and it soon melted away any trace of winter....more

Mini Banana Loaf (GF/Vegan)

Chinese Orange Cauliflower (low-fat, raw option)

Full post here. ...more