Moist Brownies

Check out our recipe for brownies! They're low-fat, vegan and delicious!

Vegan for a Week, Part One

An excerpt from my blog:I am three days into a week of vegan eating. So far, so good.Some things I've learned: Animal products are everywhere...more

I read Bittman's Food Matters and have been trying the vegan until 6 thing. Haven't had a single ...more

While I’m in Florida…

…check out my guest post, tips on going higher raw, on Green Vegan Living! Thanks so much, Geanna, for inviting me to post!...more

Butternut Squash Home Fries - Gluten Free, Grain Free, SCD legal

I've been making stew that features butternut squash as a sub for potatoes and it's a pretty dang good one....more

Healthy Boozing Tips in Time For St. Patrick's Day

I’m all for having a good time and throwing back a couple of drinks, especially on a festive day such as St. Patrick’s Day. But of course, it is easy to over do it and feel like a pile of green garbage the day after. But it’s just as easy to enjoy yourself while being smart and healthy about the whole beer guzzling fiasco. Below are a few tips on how to keep from turning green the day after all the festivities!What to do before your green hued liquor binge:...more
My tip: Take a midday or early evening nap and eat some real food.   We go to the party at ...more

Vegan 101: Kitchen tips from a chef

I am thrilled to bring another great blogger to the Vegan 101 series!  The purpose of this series is to serve as a resource for new vegans, or those considering going vegan, as well as those of us who could use a few new tips or a refresher....more

St. Patrick's Day Hangover Fighting Foods

St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the second drinking holiday of the year (the 1st is Super bowl Sunday, of course)! We celebrate with wearing green, decorating with 4 leaf clovers and leprechauns but most of all green colored booze and food. In the spirit of the liquored up day, I compiled a collection of Irish themed foods that are yummy treats that also will help prevent or help hangovers.Start your morning with these:IRISH SCONES    * 1 cup white flour    * 4 ounces vegan butter — softened...more

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: A Colorful Companion for Vegans

I recently added two Colleen Patrick-Goudreau books, Color Me Vegan and Vegan’s Daily Companion, to my library. Vegan’s Daily Companion...more

Hmmmm. I don't really think so. Unless you want something in general that just sort of inspires ...more

wakey wakey...

Forgive me if I've mentioned this before, but there are some things that I love to eat, but that I just do <i>not</i> want to be able (or even think I am able) to make at home. My two biggest "I'll just have some when I eat out" food groups are sushi and anything deep fried....more

Korean Bean Paste Stew (Doenjang Chigae)

Recently, I read an article in Food and Wine about David Chang, the mastermind and celebrated chef behind Momofuku Noodle Bar,and four other restaurants in New York City. David Chang skyrocketed to fame after opening Momofuku Noodle Bar and has been on an unbelievable roll since then. Although I've yet to have the privilege of dining at any of his restaurants (they are near impossible to get into!), I have admired David Chang from afar....more