Vegan Meal in a Skillet

This was another 'what's in the pantry' meal, but it was so delicious I decided I'd better write it down as soon as possible. I frequently create a dish with what's on hand and it often turns out really good, but I quickly forget what I did to make it special. This dish was so yummy that I am inspired to put pen to paper (so to speak), so that I can actually make it again....more

Eating my way to BlogHer 2011

Hi all! Writing from San Diego (actually, Del Mar).  Yesterday morning we scored at the JetBlue terminal at JFK in New York.  Veggie Omelet, hold the eggs.I love veggies for breakfast!...more

Healty-e Coupons

By Lauren Folkes...more

Here comes the…Reverend

I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday recapping the fabulous lunch I enjoyed at the Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh last weekend. This weekend I’m back in Pennsylvania –this time in the Poconos. I’ll be officiating a wedding this afternoon....more

To Dine in Tallahassee

Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, home to FSU and lots of good healthy options for a healthy voyager like me! I’m guessin’ that the college crowd, just like in Gainesville, creates a demand for special diet friendly food and for that, I am thankful to today’s university crew!...more

Cosmic Cashew Kale and Chickpeas with Confetti Quinoa from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

There's no doubt that it was partly the name that drew me to this recipe; well that and Susan's gorgeous photo. But once I got reading the ingredients, I realized that not only is this recipe bursting with nutrition, it also sounded delicious. Onion, red bell pepper, chickpeas, and kale are sauteed, then combined with a vegan cashew sauce and served over colorful quinoa. I like all those ingredients and this sounds great to me!...more

I think the sauce would really add flavor to this!

Kalyn Denny more

easy peasy

By now you must surely know that "left-overs" are actually opportunities in my kitchen. Remember that asparagus? Well, after eating several batches pretty much out-of-hand I was wondering what I could do with the little bit that was left over. Then suddenly I needed a fast dinner solution for two, and this was it....more

Green Beans with Coconut

Yoga Recipe: Green Beans with Coconut...more

Vegan for Life (book review)

I gush.  It’s true. If I love something I can’t help myself.This book was in my mailbox on Thursday. I finished it by noon on Friday....more

Goin' Back to Gainesville

And we’re back!  Gainesville had so much deliciousness to offer that we had to come up with round 2! So if you’re on a road trip, taking a tour of Florida or taking a guided tourof the local colleges for future enrollment, you gotta make it a point to dine at one or more of these yummeries!...more