One year of vegan blogging = A Very Vegan GIVEAWAY!

One year ago today my friend Lindsay hosted my first-ever guest post.  Thank you, you fabulous Cook. Vegan. Lover!I started blogging.I have learned more from YOU than you could ever imagine.My biggest reward?  Emails from you, telling me that my blog has been a resource to you.My second biggest reward?...more

Father's Day Feast

Mmmmm, show dad just how much you love him with a meal fit for a king! Turn on the game, pour him a glass of his favorite beer and fire up the grill, it’s time to knock dad’s argyle socks off with this manly menu!“Bacon” & Tater Salad...more

old king cole (slaw)

Cabbage is affordable, widely available, good for you, and, oh did I say affordable? Raw cabbage is high in fiber, runs under 20 calories a cup, has a good amount of vitamin C, and is an excellent carrier for a variety of dressings. I've been enjoying this particular raw cabbage salad in a variety of permutations for the past few summers and my apologies for not sharing it sooner!Several years ago my friends in California took me to a Burmese restaurant for lunch.... ...more

HOT! A Lesson on Life from Cooking with my Little Girl.

The other day my youngest daughter pulled up a chair to help me cook beans and rice.  I have to let her chop the onions and garlic with a butter knife and help me pick herbs from the garden.  We have fun!  All in all I am pleased that she wants to cook.  She even recently made a raw kale and strawberry salad for her brother.  ...more

Grilled Banana Muffins

Oh yes I did.   ...more

5 Great Vegetarian Recipes

During my week of vegan eating in February, I felt great and learned a lot, but I didn’t have a very good repertoire of go-to meals. Since then, I have been eating vegetarian at least a day or two a week and eating less meat when I do eat other meals. Hoping to expand my options, I built a week of vegetarian eating around trying some new recipes....more

Pleasant Pensacola

If you ever find yourself in Pensacola, Florida, you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only by their white sandy beaches and their southern hospitality, but also by the variety for us green eaters ; )...more

Coconut-Mango-Avocado Smoothie

Did you see Ricki Heller’s fabulous Vegan 101 post yesterday?  Don’t miss her excellent tips on vegan baking made easy!...more

wherefore art thou, romesco?

My local  Central Market just finished celebrating two weeks of everything Spanish. We had flamenco dancers and great music in the cafe; we sampled bits of cheeses and sips of wines, tiny tastes of chocolate and bacalao, and I discovered romesco sauce.I can only say that I am sorry to be so late to this party......more

“Christina Cooks” with me! (+ A Weekly Round-Up)

Hello from Philadelphia!  I’m on day three of a Three-Day Intensive Study Program at The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies. It has been transformative!  I’m really thinking about the how and why of what I eat and am excited to share some of those thoughts — and inspired recipes — in the future....more