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Vegan Spanish Black Bean and Rice Soup

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An asian spice salad NOT to miss

I'm sick and tired of the same boring salads with the same flavour combinations, today i was after something that'd give me a kick in the mouth with each bite, a zing, a zest, a pow, a kapootz! so i decided to just make one! This salad is sweet,spicy,sour, zesty.. yummy.. om nom.. oh sorry off topic!  ...more

Roasted Sweet Potato Coconut Stew (Vegan)

If you like sweet potato you will LOVE this soup.. Minimal ingredients and SUPER Healthy, however it taste rich, creamy & velvety.  You will feel like you are indulging without an ounce of guilt....more

White bean soup with rosemary and sage.

Two brand new refrigerators were just delivered to my apartment! I’ve been very excited about this all week, which probably says a thing or two about how close I am getting to age 30....more

Positively Vegan is Moving

For over a year now I've been writing my blog on Blogger, and then self-syndicating my posts here on BlogHer, as well as on Tumblr. I've been trying to learn more about SEO lately, and have started to wonder if using the same content on 3 platforms might be hurting me more than it's helping. So... for a while at least, I'm only going to post on Blogger and see what happens. If you've been following me here, it's an easy hop over to my Blogger page....more

Happy Vegan Birthday to Me

I had the nicest birthday dinner with Rick and a few friends earlier this week, at one of the best restaurants in Taos. Getting a good vegan meal in a restaurant in New Mexico is no easy thing, but with a little planning it all worked out beautifully. There's a trick to dining out that vegans need to get comfortable with, and that's simply calling ahead and asking for what you want. More often than not a restaurant with a good chef will be more than willing to either modify an existing dish for you, or come up with something new....more

Vegan Food in Ft. Myers

If you are thinking about a trip down the west coast of Florida, Ft. Myers should definitely be a stop on your itinerary. Beautiful beaches (Sanibel Island is a must!), lovely resorts and fun family activities, Ft. Myers is a great place to get away from it all. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford sure thought so, you can visit their winter homes! However, one thing you will also find that is abundant as the sun is delicious, healthy, vegan eats!...more

Spring Rolls are Easier Than Ever!

I've made a lot of spring rolls in the past year, ever since I learned the secrets of the spring roll universe from Mark Reinfeld in his fantastic Vegan Fusion 10 Day Immersion. Since then I've been fine-tuning and streamlining the process to suit my simplistic sensibilities, and to make it easier to demystify the technique for others. The way I make them now is so easy I really think anyone can do it. And you should!...more

Fire-roasted tomato, greens n' beans stew + salty capers

 Before getting to this recipe, I gotta tell ya, guys: I am so psyched about July. In addition to working with a fellow fab food blogger through the Wellness on the Web series, other exciting happenings include:...more