Madgane also known as chana dal payasam is a very delicious and popular Konkani sweet recipe prepared using rice, split chickpeas / chana dal and jaggery/brown sugar.This is traditional dessert prepared on almost all festival and is offered as naivedyam. This is the last item that will be served and I still remember those days how eagerly we were waiting to have madgane....more

Spicy Eggplant Curry

Spicy Eggplant Curry also known as gulla kolupkari is a tangy and spicy, easy to make konkani dish prepared using tamarind, red chile powder and eggplant....more

UnBEETable Beetroot & Garlic Hummus

Are you on the hummus bandwagon? If not, jump aboard! Hummus is a delicious, heart-healthy snack! ...more
kushigalu Thank you! I love pink foods as they are so vibrant and playful. Do you like hummus? ...more

Chane Usli ( quick and healthy chickpea recipe)

Chane Usli is very popular and delicious Konkani recipe prepared using chickpeas for breakfast and even during fasting days and festivals. This is no onion no garlic recipe.I have used dried chickpeas for this recipe. If you are using canned chickpeas then you will need hardly 5 minutes to prepare.This is very nutritious and is a good source of protein....more
Chickpeas for breakfast? What a fabulous idea! They are high in fiber and protein. I cannot wait ...more

Why Being a Vegan, never worked for our family… an honest mother

I am going to be honest, brutally honest about this subject. If you are reading this and you do not know me, or if you do, understand I battled this, I battled this hard, and if your going through this yourself, my first and only advice is not to fight this fight, you will not win.I also want to add to this….I am for a alternative food choice lifestyle, and I would support anyone making this decision. This post is all about why it never worked for MY family....more

Detox Juices for Clear and Beautiful Skin

               I hope you are all doing well today!  ...more

Processed food, properly understood

Add cashew milk and voila, breakfast.    Lunch's humble beginnings.  ...more

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

There is one dessert that can be eaten any time of the year and that is definitely a fruit crisp. Fruit crisps are a classic dessert after a comfort food meal in the winter time but are also a great dessert served cold in the summer! There is such an abundance of fruits in the summer which make it easier to create these types of desserts. I have a rhubarb plant near my vegetable garden....more

Gluten Free and Vegan Carrot Bread

Gluten Free Carrot Bread is crispy on outside and has soft and chewy texture on the inside. This bread  is also vegan and is prepared using gluten free flour and grated carrot. I just love the sweetness of the carrot and the texture of the bread. This is one of the best  healthy bread recipe to increase vegetable intake in your diet....more