Best of April - Recipes in Review

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Spring?  I'm sure I have!  ;)  One favorite of this season is sitting on my back steps enjoying breakfast as the sun rises and the birds sing their little tunes.  I love oatmeal and eat it nearly every day, but when warmer months roll around a hot dish is the furthest thing from my mind, so I've been enjoying many of my typical oatmeal dishes cold.Breakfast...more

Vegetable Fried Brown Rice

When I was little,my mom used to make fried rice whenever we had leftover rice.  I remember the sizzle of the pan as she pressed the rice into the pan to give it an extra crisp.  Mom’s fried rice was always better than take-out fried rice....more

Eggless Mango Cupcakes

 Try these awesome Eggless Mango Cupcakes...Mango season is here and so grab as many mangoes you can and try these awesome pulp cupcakes!Check out recipe @ Eggless Mango Cupcakes...more

Microwave Dhokla ( Easy te-time Snack)

 This is the best solution for the the tea-time snack dilemma...Microwave Dhokla...ready in 3 minutes and superbly tasty.Find the recipe @ Dhokla...more

Simple Rotini Pasta, Paneer and Vegetables

Simple Rotini Pasta, Paneer and VegetablesSpring? ...more

Mushroom Samosa

 Try these superb finger licking good Mushroom samosa for tea time! Recipe @ Mushroom Samosa...more

Masala Pav (Masala Stuffed Bun)

  Find the recipe of this superbly tasty,spicy and quick street food @ Recipe...more

Pineapple Tarts

Delicate, buttery pineapple tarts made with 100% real, natural pineapple filling. Delicious and irresistible in every bite!...more

Pan Fried Rice Rolls

Delicious soft pan fried rice rolls with bean sprout, egg and crispy preserved sweet radish.  A perfect budget friendly, quick and easy meal in less than 15 minutes!...more