Take broccoli from boring to BOO-YAH!

I can’t take credit for this one, and I wouldn’t even try....more

Meatless Monday ~ Labor Day Cookout

Grilling isn't all about meat. Go meatless this Labor Day with these great grilling recipes:(Simply Click the images for the recipes!)...more

Meatless Monday ~ Greek Salad

One of my favorite salads this summer has been Greek salad. This light, crisp and cool salad will make you forget how hot it is outside. I cannot get enough of it!...more

Tarragon Potato Salad

Summer is ending and with that comes the time of year when people try to get in the last summer picnics.  We were in Northern Michigan last week attending a BBQ at my brother in-law’s place and asked to bring a dish....more
Looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for posting.more

Neer Dosa / Pancake / Crepe

Neer Dosa is a very popular, thin and gluten free dosa / pancake/ crepe prepared using rice batter in Mangalore, Udupi region of Karnataka. This dosa requires no fermentation. Rice is ground with water to get a runny batter. ‘Neer’ means water in local language. In konkani it is called panpolo....more

Sambar Rice

Sambar Rice is quick, delicious rice recipe prepared using sambar powder and vegetables of your choice and served with yogurt salad. This dish can be served for lunch / dinner and is also one of the best lunch box recipe. You can use basmathi rice / jasmine rice or even left over rice for this recipe....more

Fettuccine in Homemade Sauce

Fettuccine in Homemade Sauce is a quick, easy and delicious pasta recipe where the fettuccine is tossed in fresh homemade tomato garlic sauce. The addition of the fresh basil makes it more flavorful and jalapeno adds little spiciness to the pasta....more

Beet Carpaccio

Can you believe it is already August?! The days are long and it is HOT. Summer is in full swing, and I have no desire for it to leave just yet! I feel like I’m just getting into the swing of my summer-mode. Anyone else feel the same way? I am definitely not ready to start back to school in the next couple weeks. But for now I’m not going to think about all the craziness that is about to start, and just enjoy the relaxation and ease of these   summer days....more

Healthy vegetarian hot dog topping ideas

 Hot dogs will probably never be health food.  I’m cool with that.  But that doesn’t change the fact that you and I will in all likelihood have a hot dog (or two, or twelve) at some point this summer....more

Today's everyday poetry: of rice and beans

This story is not a poem. But the picture rhymes, don't you think?...more