Sweet and Spicy Asparagus

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Whole Wheat, Handmade Filo/Phyllo Pastry

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New Post Series: Brunch Menu of the Week!

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordBrunch, brunch, brunch.My favourite meal of the day. Although, let’s be honest, ALL the meals of the day are pretty good....more

9 healthy picnic food ideas

   Is it just me, or does dining al fresco make food taste better?  I’m not sure if there’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon (or maybe it’s just in my head – that’s highly possible!), but when the conditions are right, eating outdoors somehow elevates the meal experience and adds an extra layer of enjoyment and satisfaction  ...more
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Creamy Tomato Pasta Recipe

Creamy Tomato Pasta RecipeMe in Italy – circa um….1997!...more


Colcannon is an old fashioned Irish dish made with mashed potatoes and kale or savoy cabbage with addition of milk, butter and scallions or chives. It is traditionally served with boiled ham or bacon. Every Irish family has its own version or this classic dish. Colcannon recipe is from the bubble ‘n’ squeak family and traditionally it is served on St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, but can be equally enjoyed throughout the year because it is so quick and easy to make and healthy at the same time....more

Vegan Side Dish

This Vegan Side Dish recipe is great for any season. You can increase or decrease the amount of vegetables according to your taste, or add a new one which is fresh on the market. Meat eaters will also love it, served together with baked or grilled meat. In that case, add vegetables to the baking pan with meat about 20 minutes before the meat is cooked. Cover with foil and cook together. In my family Vegan Side Dish was such a success that I was asked to make it two times in a row. I hope you will like it, too!...more

Perfect Summer Snack: Mango Cucumber Salsa

I’ll start off this post by saying that I just love, love, LOVE fresh salsa! Not only is it so easy to make that even the most unculinary (is that a word?) person can execute it flawlessly every time, but it also happens to be one of the healthiest snack-type foods I can think of.  ...more
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Homity Pie - Recipe No 134

Homity Pie is an open topped pie said to have first been made by Land-Girls during WW2 and supposedly to have originated in the West Country....more

Pea and Potato Stew - Recipe No 132

 The cupboards were bare this morning. I need to go grocery shopping this evening but as I have an appointment this afternoon in the city it was a case of whipping up something for lunch that was quick, nutritious, tasty and above all, using what little ingredients I had left in the fridge.I created a Pea and Potato Stew using food that the 1940s larder would have had available...more