Indian Lentil Cauliflower Soup

Angela Liddon really knocks the ball out of the ballpark with her recipe for Indian Lentil- Cauliflower Soup. If you haven't heard of the New York Times bestselling 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook', you're missing out on some really great recipes, this being one of them!...more

Scrumptious Lentil Soup

I can't even tell you how stinkin' good this soup is!! It's super hearty with fabulous flavor and everyone goes for seconds. The best part of all is that if you have an Instant Pot, this pretty much makes itself with minimal effort from you. This soup freezes really well and I love having this on hand to pull out of the freezer when you or your loved ones have the sniffles or when you just don't feel like cooking! Press the saute button on your instant pot and saute your onion in 2 tbsp of oil (or a little water or broth) for about a minute....more

Aloo Gobi – Potatoes and Cauliflower

Aloo Gobi – Potatoes and Cauliflower...more

Vegetarian Vegan Recipes for Health

Here at ChipotlePotato our goals are to discuss and share some things about food, health, and pets that we hope will be beneficial to you. We talk about and make nutrient-dense juices, tonics and smoothies, healthy appetizers, breads, cakes, cozy soups and more. Even though we are vegetarians, we make and feed our pets a raw meat diet. We feel dogs and cats should be fed a species-appropriate diet of raw meats and organs....more

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

 Less is more, my mother would say, as the teenage me was learning to apply makeup. Of course, like most teenagers, I didn’t listen, which explains those cringe worthy photos of me looking more like Dame Edna than my sixteen year old self....more

{Raw} Juice Pulp Pizza Base

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Chinese Bhel

 Ingredients1/2 Cup Cabbage,shredded1/4 Cup Red Bell Pepper,shredded...more

Why I became vegetarian (again)

So…I started writing this post at the beginning of the year and if you manage to get to the end of it (it’s quite a long one!) you’ll realise why I should probably change the title now…...more

Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup

I've had a little thing for pumpkin lately.  It is, after all, October and the air is getting a bit more crisp.  Or it could be that we are having a pumpkin shortage this season.  It's true, look it up and then run to the store to stock up in time for your Thanksgiving pumpkin pies....more