Microwave Dhokla ( Easy te-time Snack)

 This is the best solution for the the tea-time snack dilemma...Microwave Dhokla...ready in 3 minutes and superbly tasty.Find the recipe @ Dhokla...more

Simple Rotini Pasta, Paneer and Vegetables

Simple Rotini Pasta, Paneer and VegetablesSpring? ...more

Mushroom Samosa

 Try these superb finger licking good Mushroom samosa for tea time! Recipe @ Mushroom Samosa...more

Masala Pav (Masala Stuffed Bun)

  Find the recipe of this superbly tasty,spicy and quick street food @ Recipe...more

Pineapple Tarts

Delicate, buttery pineapple tarts made with 100% real, natural pineapple filling. Delicious and irresistible in every bite!...more

Pan Fried Rice Rolls

Delicious soft pan fried rice rolls with bean sprout, egg and crispy preserved sweet radish.  A perfect budget friendly, quick and easy meal in less than 15 minutes!...more

Pumpkin BHarta / Kaddu Ka Bharta

  Try this yummy and quick Pumpkin Bharta...Check the recipe @ Pumpkin BHarta                   ...more

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Roasted Parsnip Soup

Roasted Parsnip Soup is a rich and decadent soup that has white beans and roasted garlic to add some fancy flavor. ...more