Pao Bhaji - an Indian sloppy joe that is vegetarian

quick orange and tangerine salsa

Happy Day to me! Look at this beautiful box of fresh produce E.B. brought to us....more
OMGosh! I've died and gone to heaven! Sincerely, this looks scrumptioulicious! I have NEVER put ...more

Spicy Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup

Spicy Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup ...more
Looks delicious! Saving this recipe for the next cold day :)more

French Food Films Are Kind Of Messed Up, And Other News.

The Accidental Vegetarian

A mid-February show of hands, please: how many of us are still sticking with our New Year's resolutions? Honestly, I'm not sure I made any resolutions this year. If I did, well, they were fleeting and of the altruistic, yet unquantifiable variety, such as “Be a kinder person.” You know, the types of resolutions that were intended to elicit similar responses from our kids: “I'll be nicer to my brother,” or “I'll help Mommy more around the house.”...more

Greek Salad

I had a burst of summer inspiraton in February. This is my take on a Greek salad we had on a recent road trip along the coast when we stopped at little deli off the highway in Santa Barbara. Loaded with vibrant, colorful veggies and Kalamata olives that have been marinated in a Greek style vinaigrette and topped of with feta cheese. So good!...more

Lemon Basil Hummus

The other week C and I had in (some of) our siblings for dinner, because can you believe it they had actually never met!  We squeezed into our tiny apartment for some good drinks, food, and laughs.  While I like to think that my food was the hit of the party... I think my little niece P stole the show.  She's just so darn cute! ...more

BREAKING NEWS: Vegetarians Won't Get The Shaft At Per Se

Youguysyouguysyouguysyouguys!  Shut. The. Front. Door.  If you’re a vegetarian like I am who hates crunchy, earth mothery labels to your eating choices you are about to die and go to meat-free heaven.  This is epic.  Take a moment to prepare yourself.  Sitting is recommended for this....more

Beetroot Salad with Pistachio Sauce

Beetroot Salad with Pistachio Sauce The holidays have been a whir...more

Grilled Tofu Salad with Miso Dressing from Steamy Kitchen

I'm a huge fan of tofu, and I'm always looking for easy tofu recipes to expand my limited knowledge about how to cook it at home. This recipe for Grilled Tofu with Miso Dressing went right to the top of my "must try" list! Not only is the recipe quick and easy, but the Miso Dressing has so many of my favorite Asian flavors like soy sauce, ginger, and sesame. And if you happen to be cooking a special meal for Chinese New Year which starts today, this would make a great side dish!...more
What a lovely salad ,great for diets,great for healthy eating.It sa Realy good blend to this ...more