Meatless Mondays: Mushroom Bhaji from The Perfect Pantry

If I think about memorable meatless recipes I've spotted on food blogs, this Mushroom Bhaji (or Mushrooms in Tomato-Onion Sauce) from my friend Lydia at The Perfect Pantry will always come to mind.  This dish has so many of my favorite flavors like cumin, coriander, chile powder, and jalapeno, and I love the idea of mushrooms being a main dish.  Serve it over rice if you'd like, but definitely try this one! ...more

I love something with a bit of burn to it and this sounds perfect.

Virginia DeBolt, ...more

Portuguese Family Reunion

The paternal side of our family hales from the Portuguese island of Faial in the Azores, and put down roots in California's San Francisco East Bay Area and Livermore Valley at least five generations ago....more

Artichokes Stuffed With Parmesan and Olives

I could say that the impetus for a meal of stuffed artichokes was because spring has finally sprung in Vermont. But I would be fibbing. Sure, it's great to see grass after a ridiculously long winter, but the reason for this spring like meal was just that fact that I was craving anything that wasn't meat. (I go through periodical vegetarian phases.) And although I don't make stuffed artichokes very often, I thought that they would be a perfect fix for my “no chicken, no pork” craving....more

You totally should! :)

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Fit For A Queen Mother's Day Brunch

Mom does (or has done) all the work, so why not get up early this Sunday and make her a scrumptious brunch! Treat her like the queen that she is, whip up a healthy and delicious meal and make sure that she knows how much you love and appreciate her ; )Mom-osas...more

Meatless Mondays: Black Bean Fiesta Veggie Burgers from Happy Healthy Life

Let's be honest; veggie burgers can be a little ho-hum, wouldn't you agree? But these Black Bean Fiesta Veggie Burgers from Happy Healthy Life are loaded with flavor from black beans, sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, lime, jalapeno, and lots of other tasty seasonings, and then they're topped with a fabulous-looking Cilantro-Jicama Fiesta Slaw.  This is something I'd love to eat any day of the week! ...more

I think vegans or non-vegans alike will love this.

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A Timeless Passion

Taken from This year I will be 40 and  more than anything I've been reviewing my intentions, the actions that have made up my life.  Am I authentic?  Am I honest?  Am I  living from the heart or my head?  Unfortunately, I have lived mostly from m...more

easy as (burrito) pie

My neighbor told me she made this and I asked for her recipe. We share food and recipes back and forth frequently in my cul-de-sac as you probably know by now, and I think this one is a winner. Here are several versions; take your pick or make up your own! Oh and why "pie"? One friend suggested that it sounds like a sort of "Tex-Mex shepherd's pie". And the bean base layer does make a sort of crust... anyway "pie" it is and mmmmm!...more

Meatless Mondays: Why It Matters and How I'm Hoping You'll Help

Starting on Monday, May 2, I'm excited to be bringing you a new recipe feature on called Meatless Mondays. All through the week I'll be scouring food blogs in search of the best meatless main dish recipes I can find, and every Monday I'll be featuring one right here, including some of my own favorite meatless recipes once in a while. I'm hoping that when you see these delicious meatless dishes it will entice you to add more plant-based meals to your weekly menu if you're not already doing so. ...more

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Sunday Pasta: Penne Primavera (Pasta all'Ortolano)

Great. It is really good for you too! Buon appetito!more