Meatless Monday- Collard Green Gumbo ...more

Kung Pao Cauliflower

Meatless Monday No. 14 - Veggie Frittata (sort of)

You know, at the risk of stating the obvious, there are a lot of recipes on the internet. A LOT. And, as I am still a fairly inexperienced cook, I find myself just a tad overwhelmed each week when I go to search for something to inspire me for Meatless Monday. I mean, out of all of the multitudes of choices available, how do I even begin to decide which one to try? ...more

Meatless Monday No. 13 - Post-Oscars Cop-out

Between the broadcast of the 2014 Academy Awards and brand new episodes of two of our favourite shows (The Walking Dead followed by Talking Dead), Peter and I were certainly spoiled for choice in terms of TV-viewing last night. ...more

Roasted Vegetable Pasta

This is the dinner i made for our Good Friday meal last year, i made it again the other night and wow is it good!  The mushrooms in the pasta add a heartiness that leaves you feeling full and satisfied.  Roasting the vegetables adds a depth of flavour that is really unbelievable.  This is a lot of food but if you feel you need to serve something with it, serve; surprise, a salad!...more

Meatless Monday No. 12 - Portobello Mushroom Burgers & Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Well, I did it... as promised, I restarted my Meatless Monday experiment and cooked dinner for Peter and I tonight. ...more

Healthy Mediterranean Falafel – Raw & Vegan

I LOVE Falafel but not the fat that comes along with it so I created a healthier version..  Traditional Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans. Think of it as Middle Eastern Fast Food. I wanted to bump up the flavors and keep it raw (and bean less) yet full of protein from seeds....more

The Best Fried Green Tomatoes

Crisp and tangy, fried green tomatoes are the ultimate Southern comfort food .. These are one of my favorites.  I LOVE Fried green tomatoes.. A southern classic.  But this fried green tomato has a modern twist, Panko.Panko is a japanese breadcrumb that gets really crispy when fried or baked.  I absolutely love the crunchiness the panko gives to these tomatoes....more

veggie and carnivore chilis

I have been hardcore slacking on the cooking lately. Oops....more

Meatless Monday - Take Two

Not sure if anyone happened to notice, but (whispers) I didn't restart my Meatless Monday experiment in January like I'd said I would. And now (further whispers) it's more than halfway through February, and I STILL haven't managed to get back on the ...more
melanie jean juneau That's the nice thing about personal blogs - you can write about whatever ...more