Tempeh Tacos

Good Tuesday morning friends and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today I’ve got a fun and tasty recipe for you today. It’s healthy, fresh and delicious.How many of you out there are familiar with Tempeh? If you’re not here’s a quick overview....more

Grilled Vegetable White Pizza


Sweet Potato Cakes with Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Do you remember this post about 10 cookbooks you should have in your kitchen? One of the books we featured was "Plenty More", the little brother to "Plenty". I said that "Plenty" is one of the best cookbooks I ever owned....more

Tofu & Spinach-Stuffed Crispy Bites

Editor's Note: I love savory little pie things, and this one is spicy, healthy, and easy to make—not to mention flat-out gorgeous. These are SO going on my list of party appetizers to try. —Julie ...more

Light Eggplants Tempura

Side dishes are even  more interesting than the main courses sometimes, that is why on regular basis we serve our favorite ones by themselves and just enjoy them like that, usually to accompany a glass of DOC wine or a cold organic micro-brewed lager.The dish featured in this post, is easy and quick  to prepare, light, and the flavor of its ingredients are full of bold flavors and unique taste. This one is indeed suited for our vegetarian friends. Eggplants Tempura.  ...more

How To Give Up Meat When You Still Think It’s Delicious

I used to be a pretty happy carnivore. I kind of maybe vaguely felt bad for the dead animals on my plate, but, let’s be honest, meat is pretty delicious. Steak, chicken, bacon in all its shapes and forms. Until about a year ago, I thought I loved eating meat too much to give it up.And then, I, uh, gave it up....more

Spongebob Cupcakes

Spongebob CupcakesI just baked these Spongebob cupcakes. Head on over to JuliesCafeBakery.com and let us know what you think....more
Fantastic Spongebob cupcakes - Amazing!more

Raw Food Diaries #2

I have been loving eating "raw food" lately. I still eat the same food I have in the past except for a meal or two a day, I eat very healthy. This usually means using my juicer in the mornings, soup or salad or leftovers for lunch, and a "raw" meal for dinner or just a regular healthy dinner (chicken and veggies for example)....more

#Vegetarian Rush : #Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes

What's for dinner? No meat, no seafood, what's better than a vegetarian dinner? So why not a super-tasty plate of homemade Gnocchi?...more