Apples of Autumn

Autumn is the time of year when I start obsessing about apples.  I don’t know whether an apple a day really does keep the doctor away, but I do know that my daily apple is a dose of happiness....more

Mushroom Polenta

A Vegan's Guide to Gratitude

I am still a few weeks early for Thanksgiving, but definitely getting into the spirit,  My wife suggested that, for the month of November, I prepare an alphabetical list of things for which I am thankful, and post one letter each day.  I liked the idea, but found myself writing about too many other topics.  As the Thanksgiving holiday tends to be a difficult time for vegans, I decided instead to take this opportunity to compile a list of the some of the vegan foods that I most enjoy and for which I am extremely grateful....more

Pescetarian Diet: Vegetarian Plus Fish Weight Loss Plan

Despite the popularity of diets that encourage consuming red meat, vegetarians continue to stay strong. But for those who want to add variety to their protein options, the pescatarian way of weight loss has become a healthy new trend....more

Sweet and Spicy Black Beans and Rice

Habaneros. They're so coy. Deceivingly innocent with their adorable lantern shape; they don't even smell spicy! We've had them at work for a while and I've been eying them. They just look so...inviting. I don't get a lot of spicy things out here. It's definatley something I miss about the city because Southern Maryland certainly does not do spicy foods. ...more

French Onion Soup (Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly)

Please enjoy this amazing French Onion Soup Recipe ...more

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Lentils PLUS A Simple Prep Guide

Last week I had the pleasure of dining at the notorious Lentils As Anything Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. Since I got wind of this eatery’s concept some 10 years ago, I dreamed of one day dining there and finally got my wish. It was amazing. The philosophy behind Lentils As Anything is that you pay what you feel the food is worth, and with this you are given the opportunity to contribute towards a world where respect, generosity, trust, equality, freedom and kindness rule....more

Review of Enoki Mushrooms

(This review is not sponsored.)The company is Enviro Mushroom Farm Inc., out of Burlington, ON, Canada. I was especially drawn to it because it is a product of Canada. USDA Organic, Certified by ECOCERT Canada. This is important to me, so that was a major selling point....more

Green Tea Coconut Milkshake

Green tea and coconut ice cream blended with milk to create a deliciously creamy beverage. With just three ingredients, this green tea coconut milkshake is simple to make and absolutely addictive. ...more

Vegetable Lasagna in Pumpkin Sauce

This is it! The final day of 2014’s 13 Days of Pumpkin. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Last year, I was so happy once it was over…but this year, I’m a little sad. I still have so many things I didn’t get to try. But that just means the series will be back next year!Anyway, today’s lasagna is really exciting because I was so nervous to try it. It turned out amazingly, though. I’m so happy with it!...more