Today's Outrage: A Blonde Named Britt McHenry

Photo Credit: Black Sports OnlineI swear there was a time when everyone was nicer, but it may be just my imagination. I think it is just that now if you are not nice, there's a chance that everyone will find out.  I blame the internet for the lack of civility both online and offline....more

Arthritis In Your Pet: Learn How To Recognize The Signs (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Arthritis is a very disabling condition that can make your life very difficult. Unfortunately, this degenerative disease can also affect your beloved pet as they get older, the same way it could affect any aging person....more

Saving Miley: From Rags To Riches + Video Update One Year Later (VIDEOS)

When Miley was rescued in November 2013, she was living on a garbage dump in South Central Los Angeles, suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange and so sick, she was on the verge of death. Almost too weak to stand, Miley finally made it to the car and was brought to veterinary care center to be cleaned and to receive medical care....more

Dog Body Language: What Your Pooch Desperately Wants You To Know (VIDEO)

Dogs are not like us when it comes to expressing their feelings, they can't speak. But our beloved pups are full of emotions waiting to come out and even though they can't tell us with words, they are talking to us all the time....more

Christmas Video Tradition

YouTube will be rocking another Christmas video by The Wonderlin’s this year.  We LOVE Christmas, it’s by far our favorite time of the year. We have talked about doing Christmas cards, but the time always seems to pass by too quick and before we know it, it’s Christmas Day!Since this is Avery’s first Christmas we will definitely be filming it! ...more

Abandoned And Left To Die, Adorable Pit Bull Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

This poor Pit Bull's owners had abandoned her in a remote location in a desert area and left her there to die. But she was given a second chance in life when the Los Angeles-based organization Rescue From The Hart called the well-known animal rescue organization Hope For Paws. As it turned out, this scared stranded girl only wanted to find a loving family with lots of love and affection....more

The Science Of Spiciness: Why Your Body Reacts To Spicy Foods (VIDEO)

Do you like spicy foods? Well, if you do, did you ever think about the reasons why you like them so much? And what happens to your body when you eat them? Do you enjoy the pain more or are you just tougher than those you don't like spicy foods? In fact, the video below, created by Ted Ed, can teach you everything there is to know about this....more

Saturday Select and Why I'm All Blair Witch-y

Happy Saturday, dear reader. As you're reading this post, you're probably in your jammies.. sipping a hot cup of coffee and if you're REALLY lucky - you're doing all this before your kids get up and you have to kick it into high gear and drag them all over God's green earth.  But not me. I'm not really here right now. You'll never believe where I am right now. No. Go ahead and guess. Give up? I'm camping with Cassie and her Girl Scout troop. Like.....more

Lifestyle Tip Of The Day: Live Happy

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