Video Vednesday: Cruise Song!


Video Equipment: From Newbie Essentials to Best Production Value Secret Weapons

If you're just jumping into video production, you might find yourself spending hours on Amazon trying find the video equipment you need to get started. You'll be reading reviews and seeing suggested products like professional-level cameras, wireless microphones, daylight-colored lighting gear, and tripods with ball heads or pivot heads....more
Just Beet It Glad it was helpful!more

How The Power Of Meditation Can Affect Your Body (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

We all know that meditation helps us relax, focus and reach a higher level of consciousness but do we know what it does to our bodies from a scientific perspective? Well, I found a video that explains how exactly meditation affects our bodies....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 11 - I Feel Good

Dillon's Birthday Video...more

Take Control Of Your Dreams: Learn How To Lucid Dream (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Did you ever want to control what happens in your dreams? Do you think that's possible or just a fictitious idea just too crazy to believe? Well, this crazy idea might be not so crazy after all and controlling your dreams could be easier than you might think!...more

May Is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

When I learned that May is the National Osteoporosis Month, I did some research and decided to share with you what I learned on the subject. Osteoporosis is a serious illness that can lead to severe consequences. So it's best to be aware of the outcome before it's too late! ...more

Today's Outrage: A Blonde Named Britt McHenry

Photo Credit: Black Sports OnlineI swear there was a time when everyone was nicer, but it may be just my imagination. I think it is just that now if you are not nice, there's a chance that everyone will find out.  I blame the internet for the lack of civility both online and offline....more

Arthritis In Your Pet: Learn How To Recognize The Signs (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Arthritis is a very disabling condition that can make your life very difficult. Unfortunately, this degenerative disease can also affect your beloved pet as they get older, the same way it could affect any aging person....more

Saving Miley: From Rags To Riches + Video Update One Year Later (VIDEOS)

When Miley was rescued in November 2013, she was living on a garbage dump in South Central Los Angeles, suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange and so sick, she was on the verge of death. Almost too weak to stand, Miley finally made it to the car and was brought to veterinary care center to be cleaned and to receive medical care....more

Dog Body Language: What Your Pooch Desperately Wants You To Know (VIDEO)

Dogs are not like us when it comes to expressing their feelings, they can't speak. But our beloved pups are full of emotions waiting to come out and even though they can't tell us with words, they are talking to us all the time....more