Top 3 Female Gamers on Youtube

In a scene dominated by the male of the species, it is very easy to forget that that sniper that just took you out from the other side of the map or that player that humiliated you with a pistol, could very well be female....more

5 best video games you must play.

The video game industry has been revealing amazing products that make billions of dollars year after year. People love buying, selling, changing video games, and all the major game companies and game developers are always trying to be innovative and bring the best products to the market (since 1960, when the first video games were developed).Here are 5 best and recommended video games you must play and enjoy:...more

Video Games can be Parents' Little Helpers if used Correctly

“Mama?” my six-year-old daughter calls my name from the living room, but I’m busy cooking dinner. I open a jar of red sauce (organic, because at least I’m trying).“Mama,” she calls again. Louder this time. I pour the Prego into the saucepan too quickly; it splatters everywhere and the acid in my stomach turns to fire.“Crap!” I grab a towel to clean up my tomato massacre....more

How Evil are Video Games Really?

It's all you hear about these days- children are becoming more aggressive because of earlier exposure to violence via video games, all children are becoming hopelessly addicted to their xboxs and play-stations, Satan lives in your console, etc etc. But how true is this? We've all had those moments when somebody beating you on the screen has us wanting to fling the controller out of the window- but for me personally that tends to be caused by Princess Peach streaking over the finish line a second before me. So just how bad are video games?...more

Five Ways to End Video Game Fights With Your Child or Spouse

I’ve read this question a thousand times on parenting discussions, marriage help sites, homeschooling forums: “How do I get my kid / husband / spouse to put down the video game?” As a long time female gamer, partner of a gamer, and mother, let me offer some personal insight:...more

Girls Play Video Games, Too

When I started writing this blog, I was a bit lost as to what I wanted to focus on.  Do I want it to be a fitness blog?  Do I want it to be a how to live a happy life blog?  A food blog?  While I am still figuring that out, I am starting to realize that all I really want to talk about is food and exercise and feeling healthy.  These subjects occupy about 90% of what I talk about in real life, and I never run out of things to say about them, so why not discuss them with the rest of the world?  So I have some recipes that I am testing out and preparing to add in ...more

I Need To Build My House! Video Games

I Need To Build My House! - Video GamesThis generation is so dead. You ask a kid, 'What are you doing this Saturday?' and they'll be playing video games or watching cable, instead of building model cars or airplanes or doing something creative. Kids today never say, 'Man, I'm really into remote-controlled steamboats.'  ~Jack White...more

New study finds violent video games delay moral judgement

Whenever there's a school shooting by a teen, the causational arguments start:1. Guns don't kill people. People kill people.2. It's because parents don't do their job.3. It's all the bullying.4. It's the violent video games.New research sheds some light on the controversial topic of the latter....more

Where The Oregon Trail has lead us: Educational video games

I played The Oregon Trail in school. That doesn't make me feel old, because that game is still going - see here. I learned lots of stuff from playing the game, like family members could die from measles. Or typhoid. Or dysentery. Or drown while wading across a three-foot deep river. Or that I would never be strong enough to carry all that buffalo meat back to my starving family....more

To Do List: Clean House for Thanksgiving, Re-Read Catching Fire, and Crush 10,000 More Candies

The Hunger Games 2 movie was great.  I love seeing the action from my head played out on the big screen.  I read Catching Fire over a year ago.  Katniss is such an interesting character.  She is a balanced combination of tough and soft.  After reading the book, the ending was no surprise which makes the movie less supenseful.  Overall, I enjoy the accurate depictions and the acting....more