Brain-Boosting Video Games

It turns out that video games might actually help boost your cognitive skills as you age.  I’m not talking about the kind of videogames that your children or grandchildren might play, but rather a specialized game designed with you in mind to help with multi-tasking and your hand-eye coordination as you age....more

Sewing DIY: Super Cute and Easy Nintendo DSXL Case

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comSewing has become therapeutic for me. So with all the turmoil going on in our life, I thought I would do a little this evening.  I made this decision after a huge storm came through and my roof started leaking. At least I don't own the house! It's the little things ;)I made a little case from my Nintendo 3DSXL. (Animal Crossing edition!! Yea I know how dorky I sound and I don't care. Ha!) Below are the instructions....more

Yes, We're a Gaming Family, but No, I'm Not a Lazy Parent

One thing that I'm not. A banner of games. I'll do as I see fit for my child. My son can play the games I allow. He must earn his play time. He only gets an hour at a time AND video game time does not supersede more important things like playing with his toys, outside time and/or playing with his sister. As soon as it does, it goes away. For him....more
@ahlmt Congratulations to your son!! Gamers do get a terrible rep that they are antisocial, have ...more

You kids and your video games!

Short of shaking my fist in the air, I am confused by today’s video games. Back in my day, they were simple. Super Mario Brothers was simple. You ran to the right and jumped over (or shot at) whatever got in your way.Tetris, never ended. It just got faster and more anxiety laden. The bricks never stopped! Pac-Man? Just eat the pills. Eat them before the ghosts get you!I was watching my 6 year old nephew play some random Star Wars game on the Wii, “What the heck are you supposed to do in this game?”“I don’t know. That’s part of the game.”...more

Can We Blame Guns and Video Games?

After the most recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I, like most other parents out there have done a lot of soul searching.  Since my actions directly affect the development of the litttle people under my care, I wanted to get to the very heart of the matter, to understand if guns and video games are to blame, if this senseless tragedy can be understood or if it is just that: a tragedy.*****...more

MACHINARIUM: Soother of the Migraine

Machinarium: Soother of the Migraineoriginally posted on my blog: JANUARY 24, 2013  ...more

Who's To Blame, Part 2

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmA few weeks ago, I wrote this:...more

Video Games Can Help Your Marriage

You say you are sick of your husband playing Xbox all Friday night? Here’s how to turn his obsession to your advantage.1. Uncover information. Men don’t like having deep conversations one on one. It makes them horribly uncomfortable. Women, on the other hand, eat this stuff up. It’s how we bond. You tell me something about you. Then I’ll tell you something about me....more
I have a love for Guitar Hero - it lets me release my inner rock star! And it is so much than ...more

Guest Post - Electronic Addiction

Today I have a guest post about protecting kids from electronic addiction. We don't yet have to ward against this problem, since the girls don't have access to any electronics yet. But I'm sure they will, and sooner rather than later.  ___ ...more

Video Game That Goes Terribly and Hilariously Wrong

I was in the kitchen cooking and I hear horror movie screaming coming from the family room. I turn around from the stove to see what was going on....more
 @@BehavioralChild It was so cute.  They are such good boys...until they created a ...more