"I found your wife, unfortuantely I had to kill her.." Things I hear from my living room

Do you ever just sit and listen to the things that are said in your household? Just sit and listen as though you were a stranger observing a new culture or hearing things via a CIA bug? I imagine the CIA is pretty confused by what's been coming out of my living room tonight!"Two bears?  It's never good to have to bears after you- now I have to go swimming!""I'll blast your ass right out of the sky!""Mostly, it is the Nords.  They do not like outsiders.""Why do you have to bother my horse- really, Another bear?"...more

15 life lessons video games have taught my children

Since December is National Video Game Month, I thought I'd make a list of invaluable and tricksy lessons that video games have taught my kids.No. I'm kidding about the National Video Game Month. But not about the tricksy lessons:1. If you die, just hit start over, or dig some health out of your backpack. Sometimes you can wander around the village until you find the store that sells life, it usually comes in a box with the American Red Cross symbol on it. The important thing to remember here is that death isn't permanent....more

5 Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Gaming's been a big part of my family life since I was very small. My parents and I played games together for years, and ever since we all got iPhones, we even play on the go while we're miles apart. (Thanks, Words with Friends!) That makes about 20 years of gaming, and when I have a family to call my very own (read: little ones), I hope to keep the family tradition going....more
Kinect sports!more

Top Gifts for Boys of All Ages This Year

If you have a boy on your holiday shopping list and you feel stumped, don’t worry. I’m here with a list of ideas for gifts for boys anywhere from newborn to college-aged. Whether he’s still playing pat-a-cake or multi-player first person shooter games on XBOX, there’s a gift on here for him. I’ve rounded up some of the newest and hottest gifts for boys* this season and put them all in one list for you. You’re welcome!...more
I can't believe you suggested Modern Warfare? Totally violent and unacceptable for any age in ...more

Are you Thinking of Buying a Video Game for Your Kids this Christmas?

By the start of the Autumn almost (or so it seemed!) all the children in my daughter’s class had their own Nintendo DS game.  I had managed to get through the term without buying one, but by the time the holidays started, she was asking for one.  At the same time, at school, she was really struggling with Maths and was really starting to lose her confidence....more

Three Things That Made My Day Less Than Stellar

I'm a list girl.  Always have been.  Always will be.I like a chore list.  I like the focus it gives me during the day and I love, love, love being able to cross things off my list as the day goes on.I live by a grocery list.  I don't understand how people can go to the grocery store without one.  Unless you have a list in your head of the 3 to 5 things you need, but then again, that's a list.  A mental list?  Yes.  But a list, nonetheless.  Walking through the aisles arbitrarily tossing things into my cart?  So not for me....more

So, Minority Kids Use More Media: Much Ado About Nothing?

A recent study released by Northwestern University, found that young people of colour (Black, Latino and East Asian ) are watching on average of thirteen hours of media (television, Internet, movies, video games, music) a day – four and a-half hours more than white children....more

I'm a follower of Kalimah Priforce and the platform(qykno) he is developing to assist minority ...more

My Prayer for Hamza…

                So much like my son, my beautiful miracle child, I love him so much… This is completely incomprehensible to me… You know, you give birth to these amazing souls, and watch them, despite being domesticated by society, thrive in the wildness of their beings… Traits of kindness and compassion bursting out despite what they see on video games, domestic violence, TV (in th...more

5 Reasons You Should Let Your Kids Play Video Games

So, I’m a gamer and a mom, and I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I let my kids play video games. Contrary to what a lot of parents assume, my kids actually play fewer games than most of their friends and have a lot more restrictions on what they’re allowed to play. Because I am familiar with most of the popular titles, I am better able to select what’s appropriate for them and don’t just assume all games are “toys” and ok for kids… I could say a lot more on that subject, but that’s a post for another time ;)...more

On being a girl geek

Amanda Hocking has this remarkably insightful way of looking at things. If you don't know who Amanda Hocking is, you should. She's sold more books in the last minute and a half than most bestsellers hope to sell in a month. Or a year. Or their entire careers. Or something crazy like that. She puts out eBooks and Print On Demand (POD) books - she is her own publisher. It's a fascinating case study in "going viral" because first her books went viral, then she went viral as the media rushed to report on her as a story....more