This Is Actually Great News For Chocolate Lovers (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Who doesn't like chocolate? That creamy goodness with its wonderful texture and amazing taste is really hard to resist. Well, I don't think there are too many people who can resist it and if you're one of them you definitely belong to a minority! I can honestly say that chocolate is my favorite sweet and I always felt guilty when I ate chocolate because I thought it was bad for me....more

Women Are At Higher Risk Of Having A Stroke Than Men (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Strokes among women seem to be on the rise and can be often fatal because the symptoms aren't as obvious as in some other illnesses. Also, it seems that, as the years go by, more women are having strokes than men and more women die of strokes. This disease is now the third leading cause of death in Canada and the fourth leading cause in the United States so it's very important that women are aware of the symptoms and the causes of stroke....more

Corset & Bandelettes Unboxed

Autumn Wedding Cookies

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people through social networking. Last January I become friendly with a wonderful lady on Pinterest, she asked me if I would create all the confections for an Autumn wedding. She wanted a dessert; I’m not just talking about the traditional desert table with a wedding cake and some after dinner treats....more
Your sugar work is wonderful!more

Scared Homeless Dog Gets Rescued, Finds Himself Living Like A Celebrity (VIDEO)

This homeless little dog was living in an abandoned lot when the remarkable animal rescue organization Hope For Paws received a call about the stray dog. Right away, Eldad Hagar and his team went to pick him up so he could have a chance at a better life. But the rescue mission didn't go as easy as expected at first, but eventually had a happy ending....more

This Girl's Journey Allowed Her To Become Who She Was Meant To Be (VIDEO)

For as long as she can remember, Eri Hayward knew that she wasn't what she seemed to be. Actually, when she was born, she received the name Eddie. But when she was four or five years old, she realized that she wasn't a girl. That's when things kind of started unfolding....more

Amazing Rescue: Dog Waited Alone A Whole Year After His Owner Died (VIDEO)

When Woody's owner passed away, the family members sold the house, leaving the poor little dog outside to fend for himself. He ended up living all alone under a nearby shed for a whole year, waiting patiently for his owner to return. Meanwhile, Woody survived on food and water provided by some neighbors, as they looked for someone to save him....more

The GoPro 3+ Is Calling My Name but I'm Resisting

There it is again. Taunting me to come a little closer. It is all I can do to keep pushing my shopping cart down the aisle. I want the GoPro 3+ camcorder. I really want it. This is one of the few times when I have to really think about buying a camcorder. The suppression of camera lust for me isn’t easy but the truth can almost set you free. Here are some things to keep in mind before you rush out to snag one. ...more
TriciaNightowlmama Sorry, I hit the unlike gizmo by accident. I totally agree it has other ...more

A BlogHer "First Time in Forever"

The following, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you leave the soundtrack to Disney's Frozen in my car. I listen to it, sing by myself (loudly), and come up with weird crap to do. Case in point? Behold, our debut Blogging Betties Short—a BlogHer First Time in Forever.   ...more
vanita I did that on purpose. Just to drive you insane.more

How A Woman's Mastectomy Inspired Her To Design Custom-Made Nipples (VIDEO & SLIDESHOW)

When Michelle Kolath-Arbel was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, her life was turned upside down. In July of the same year, she had just concluded her studies at New York University so the couple decided to return to Israel and to have a second child. She was devastated when, after a battery of tests, her doctor announced her that she had a malignant lump in her right breast....more