Symphony of Science: Onward to the Edge

 I love Symphony of Science!...more

American Heart Association: Billion Calorie Count-Up

This year the American Heart Association is making it easier than ever to get healthy and get walking! The time is now!  Gather your family, friends and coworkers and take your first steps towards establishing an active and healthy lifestyle....more

Books We Love: "Chloe and the Lion" by Mac Barnett and Adam Rex

Remember those great old Warner Brothers cartoons where Daffy Duck would get into an argument with the artist drawing him? ...more


 This was just a really pretty song/music video that I had to share....more

Extreme Parenting: Meet Facebook

Typical parent/child dyad;Parent sets rules. Child refuses to follow rules. Parent reacts. I have read some of the (thousands) comments on other sites showing this video and most of the comments ran the gamut of "Yeah! Show her who is boss! Spoiled brat!" to "What a tool! Why didn't he just donate the laptop to charity?"    This is how I interpret the video;...more

Motorola Droid Razr Fanboy Ad is Creative. And a total hoax

Below is a great piece of fanboy fiction. There's no way this would work and um, I'm pretty sure the phone costs waaaaaaay more than what he gets in return. But there's no denying that it's creative and results in a potentially viral piece of free advertising for the Motorola Droid Razr.Read the full post and watch the ad on Motorola Droid Razr Fanboy Ad is Creative. And a total hoax....more Fanboy keeps sending me emails saying that I have earnings of over $1,000. ...more

Celebrate Christmas? Make a Santa Video for any Kids you Know

Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, a friend from work told me about this site where you can make a free Santa video for children. I did it for our older son yesterday and he loved it....more

Love this laugh!

  If the video won't load, you can click this link is my sweet little man laughing at his dad. My husband John was trying to kill a bug that had flown in our back door, so he was jumping up and swatting at it with one of my flip flops. Jp thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Hearing my son laugh like this warms my heart, and I hope it does yours too!! ...more