Moms of teens: Blog about teen driver safety

  I've tried twice to start a blog. The second time was actually fairly successful. But then life got in the way, and the blog quickly went on an indefinite hiatus.  I envy any woman who can juggle work, family, friends and maintaining a blog. It's no easy task. So as a fellow blogger, I'm happy to give bloggers who are passionate about keeping teen drivers safe on the road an opportunity to get in front of a whole new audience. I work for Bridgestone Americas, overseeing their teen driver safety efforts....more

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers. you don't believe me? Listen up! (read more)From

Fly to Saturn with this amazing video!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly into space?  I mean WAY into space?  Although humans aren’t ready to go back to the Moon or to Mars, we have sent out dozens of spacecraft to the planets and beyond.  Most of the instruments send back data that scientists analyze and tell us what it means.  But on almost every mission, there is also a camera — so that everyone can be part of the experience.  Check out this new video from NASA’s Cassini spac...more

UCLA Woman's Racist Video Rant Goes Viral

When I started seeing tweets and Facebook updates mentioning a “Ching Chong” YouTube video, my first thought was, Oh no, not Rush Limbaugh again! Even more disappointing, this time the remarks are being made by a young woman at one of California’s top universities —- UCLA student Alexandra Wallace. I really debated about whether I should write about this or not, as I don’t want to give these racist antics any more publicity. But, the Internet ethics it brings up are just too important to ignore. ...more
With luck, she'll never find one and this video will haunt her to an early grave. @HomeRearedChefmore

Can your kid do this? Brain training company's contest winners

Brain training company LearningRx held this President's Day (Feb. 21) video contest. The mission was to have kids recite the presidents (yes, all of them!) from memory while dealing with a number of distractions or while performing another challenge. The results were truly amazing! There were kids reciting the presidents while they swam, did ballet, practiced baton, did gymnastics and hit baseballs flying at them (that kid didn't miss one ball!). The winner, 11-year-old Travis Coron, trained at LearningRx in Chester, New Jersey. Check out his speed stacking!  ...more

The Music Video, Soft Porn And As It Relates To Our Children

While we were busy bycotting channels and passwording anything remotely unsuitable for our children’s young eyes and ears, did anyone think to shut down the music channel?  No, me neither. By no means a prude, some of the ‘uncut’ license I see being granted though in the name of the Music Video is nothing short of pornographic.  ‘Sex sells’ as a mantra has been embraced wholeheartedly and shows no sign of waning....more

Vampires and Social Media: Interview with Director of The Vampire Diaries

This post is obviously not about me. It's about that crazy good piece of television called "The Vampire Diaries." And how I had a chance to ask one third of the creative trifecta behind the mega-hit anything I wanted, so we talked about how they pass the time on snow days, playing two species at once and how social media connects film makers to fans like never before, because... well he refuses to tell me who else might be dead (or undead) after the next episode airs. ...more

Thanks Julie - a word of warning - try not to look directly at Ian Somerhalder. No good can ...more

Happy English Toffee Day: Salty & Sweet Chocolate Butter Toffee

January 8th was National English Toffee Toffee Day. Our culinary whiz Chris Garboski came up with this Salty & Sweet Chocolate Butter Toffee to celebrate, and shows you how easy it is in a video (from the Nestle Kitchens blog)....more