Amazingly Imperfect and Perfectly Loved

Ready, set, go – VIDEO! Our first of, fingers crossed, many. This is imperfect me stepping way out, sharing my heart in less than perfect conditions BECAUSE perfect is a myth for us humans. Perfection belongs to the Lord.I pray you will get fired up to take big steps or heck even tiny steps in faith. I pray you will share with us here what steps are in your heart. I pray you share this video to inspire others you know who have a call but are stuck in fear....more

Crazybananas Vlog - Blogger Burnout

It may have taken a little time, but the second Crazybananas Vlog is here! Hooray! Today I’m talking all about Blogger Burnout, a topic I know very well. I have been blogging for 10 years, and like everything in life, my blogging has gone in cycles. At one point I was posting daily, now it’s more like once a week. I used to use editorial calendars and did lots of sponsored posts, now blogging is more organic for me....more

5 Rules for a Successful Vlog (or Blog!)

Bloggers know that there are certain "rules" to blogging that lead to increased traffic and interaction with readers.  Yet sometimes, when making that additional step to becoming a vlogger, we forget that the same rules apply. Creating a YouTube channel and simply posting videos won't bring you the traffic you desire any more than creating content and posting it without any interaction or promotion will work for your blog. Taking the same rules we apply to blogging will not only increase your channel’s views and shares but your subscribers as well, which in turn increases your channel’s impact with brands. How? Let me share a few ways with you. ...more
Haha! That's exactly what I've done..there is a bit of a window seet in my bedroom that I use.more

How to open a pomegranate.*

Let’s get the serious business out of the way.My apologies if the following video blog (I just can’t use the word vlog with a straight face.) embarrasses Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. They visited the Chatelaine kitchen several weeks ago and while making a salad, opened a pomegranate in a blink or two of an eye. With a few deft smacks of a wooden spoon Tamimi emptied the pomegranate and my world was rocked. Not to put an ûber-dramatic spin on things….but WOW. I still can’t believe how much time I used to waste fighting with this fruit....more

My First Time!

NaBloPoMO Day 1 For the first post of NaBloPoMo I decided to go with my own topic. I have been meaning to do this "vlog tag of firsts" for some time. Thanks to a little NaBloPoMo motivation, I finally made the time to shoot this video....more

My Video Recap of #BlogHer13

  My recent trip to Chicago for the BlogHer ’13 conference still feels like a big blur to me.Since I posted about my trip back to Maine from Chicago over social media, many people have noted that they “can’t wait to hear all about it.”...more
@Denise Thanks, Denise!more

Starting A Vlog: Crazy Is Only The Beginning!

“Ok, just need to focus the camera What?!  How is the camera overheating?” “Got the ingredients set, looking good.  Hey! Who took my strawberries for the shoot?” “Where is that lawn mower noise coming from?” “Just look into the camera and smile – Wait! What’s my intro line?!”No one said it would be easy. No one said I HAD to do it.  But no one said, “Are you Nuts?” either!...more

Q & A with Drew- Autism Recovery - Vlog 5

Just want to say thank you so much for the questions, comments, and shout outs!  We LOVE it!  Drew is a bit fidgety in this video; so sorry if you get a little nauseous or dizzy watching him. :)  He hasn't had a haircut in over a month; so he's also a bit on the scraggly side.  That said, I'm way more on the scraggly side which is why you don't see me in this video! Ha! ...more

How to Create Videos to Market Your Services

Video marketing is the next best thing to being there "live" with someone. It is a crucial tool for small business owners to market their services. Here is a great how-to from Karyn Greenstreet with 8 solid tips (born from the author's first great video adventure) to help you do it right. ...more
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The list / La liste

I keep a list of certain people, and that list is a rather backwards source of inspiration sometimes. J'ai une liste, et cette liste est une source d'inspiration parfois. Of course, this isn't to say I'm not grateful to everyone who has believed in me over the years too. Because I am. So grateful!...more